Grow Pro Webinar on the indentification and management of root diseases in floriculture crops

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May 21, 2024

Floriculture crops are produced in a diverse range of systems which can bring along the risk of many soilborne diseases, including fungal and oomycete root rots. The ‘Identification and Management of Root Diseases in Floriculture Crops’ webinar aims to help growers learn how to identify important root diseases in floriculture production and strategies for managing them.

Topics will include:

  • Current information on the identification of root pathogens of important ornamental crops
  • Management of root diseases, including cultural, chemical, and biological control

    Dr. Francesca Hand, OSU

The speaker for this webinar is Dr. Francesca Hand, OSU.The webinar, which is sponsored by BioWorks and Fenstop Fungicide, will take place on Tuesday, May 21st -1:00 PM EST.

For more information
American Floral Endowment
Tel.: +1 (703) 838-5211

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