Greencre8 collaborates with Paardekooper to develop creative tray lid for Rose Decooz

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Greencre8 has launched a new product range based on silk flowers, Rose Decooz. The silk rosebuds, including wire pieces for arranging the roses, are now available in various colors.

As the European Championship is upcoming, the colors of Rose Decooz are now featuring many themes and national colors.

The roses are packed in series of 200 for which a beautiful tray lid has been developed in cooperation with Paardekooper’s horti division. This creative packaging is intended for wholesalers who can use it to supply florists and garden centers.

“I had a great brainstorm session with Marcel van der Knaap from Paardekooper’s horti division to further develop our ideas. We quickly came up with some tray lid concepts and after a few adjustments, we’ve created a fantastic, beautiful, and practical final product,” says Richard Grootscholten of Greencre8. “By working with existing trays, we can easily switch quantities, the lid fits every 200 series crate.”

Marcel is happy with the final result. “By punching a beautiful rose shape out of the lid, the buyer has an immediate view of what’s inside the packaging. And because of that punch-out shape, there’s no need for an extra plastic window, which is much more sustainable.”

Rose Decooz can be ordered via Floriday, and further information can be found at

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