Ginkgo Bioworks acquires AgBiome

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Ginkgo Bioworks has acquired AgBiome.

AgBiome’s assets will be integrated into Ginkgo. AgBiome has successfully commercialized multiple biological products, including the Howler and Theia product lines, which are not included in the acquisition. AgBiome has developed a massive microbial strain library from over 8,000 geographically diverse environmental samples. These isolates have been fully sequenced, producing a rich library with over 500 million unique gene sequences. Also included in the acquisition is a robust product concept pipeline, including a dozen product candidates with greenhouse or field validation – these validated assets create a foundation for future partnered programs, as well as a diverse resource of metagenomic data for genomic mining and AI model training.

“We are so excited to bring AgBiome’s incredible strain and metagenomic collection into Ginkgo. This is a world-class asset that will significantly expand our capabilities and directly benefit Ginkgo’s customers in the ag biologicals space. In addition to the platform assets and capabilities, the product concepts pipeline that has been validated by AgBiome to date provides an exciting opportunity to give customers a head-start in their product development efforts,” said Michael Miille, Ginkgo fellow.

“These assets represent a massive, ground-breaking investment into exploring and characterizing microbial diversity for human benefit, and we can’t think of a better home for them than the Ginkgo platform,” Laura Potter, AgBiome CSO.

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