Genesis’ varieties score accolades at HTA New Plant Awards

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Genesis Plant Management Ltd manages the plant variety protection and breeders’ rights on behalf of plant breeders in the UK. Working closely with both the breeders and plant suppliers they had 7 varieties to enter to the HTA New Plant Awards this summer, and of these 7 entries, 5 received awards.

Sorbaria Crimson Feather took home the bacon, winning Gold. Entered by Wyevale Nurseries Ltd. “Crimson Feather maintains a compact habit and produces large feathery foliage, where the deep red new growth is brighter and lasts longer than other varieties. The red new foliage is then followed by a spectrum of color through the growth phases.”

Salvia Blackberry Ripple, entered by Darby Nursery Stock Ltd, was awarded bronze in the Herbaceous Perennials category. “Blackberry Ripple has a unique flower color combination, mainly a deep purple with a lighter lip. It also boasts a long flowering season from mid-June to mid-October and tolerance to drought and full sun.”

Nepeta Magical® Mr Blue Sky, entered by Seiont Nurseries Ltd, received bronze in the Herbaceous Perennials category. “Magical Mr Blue Sky features dense fragrant foliage and purple-blue flowers which are attractive to pollinators. Magical Mr Blue Sky, as the name may suggest, is part of Kolster BV’s Magical Garden range. Genesis Plant Marketing Ltd works closely with Kolster, a leading producer of cut flowers and plants, and represents many of their MagicalGarden varieties in the UK.”

Verbena officienalis Lavender Lace, also entered by Seiont Nurseries Ltd, also received bronze in the Herbaceous Perennials category. “This verbena has green-bronze foliage which changes to red-purple in colour when exposed to higher light conditions. It is well-branched, with pink-magenta flowers from mid-June to late September.”

And the Lavatera Lilia Twirl, entered by Newey Ltd, was awarded Gold in the Shrubs (including Conifers) & Climbers category as well as Best in Category. “Lilia Twirl boasts a unique flower shape and petal formation with overlapping petals. It is relatively compact, well branched and the light purple flowers grow clustered together.”

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