Gardin now integrated in Ridder’s climate computer to offer real-time photosynthesis insights

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Gardin is now available for growers who are using Ridder climate computers. “Integrating Gardin’s technology into our climate control systems is a significant step towards closing the loop in greenhouse horticulture,” said Ad de Koning, Innovation Manager at Ridder. “Measuring the plant is essential for the next stage of improved decision-making and, eventually, more autonomous growing practices.”

By harnessing Gardin’s state-of-the-art sensor technology, growers can now access real-time indications of light-use efficiency, assimilation, and plant health. This integration allows for the seamless translation of plant signals into actionable climate control decisions, enabling growers to adjust their climate strategy to meet the physiological needs of their crops.

“Understanding the plant’s physiological status is crucial for the advancement of data driven growing,” said Julian Godding, Lead Data Scientist at Gardin. “By combining our innovative technology with Ridder’s robust climate control systems, we are unlocking a new lens for growers to understand their crop and make better decisions. Our goal is to empower growers to not just react to plant needs, but to anticipate them, ensuring optimal growth conditions and significantly improved crop yields.”

According to the Gardin team, the urgency for growers to shift to more data driven approaches is underscored by the increasing the demand for production, scarcity of master growers and requirements for reducing carbon emissions. They understand the integration of photosynthesis data into everyday greenhouse management practices to be a major leap forward, offering growers a deeper understanding of their crop in response to environmental conditions.

Sander Barake, CTO at Ridder stated: “Ridder aims to work closely with intelligent solution providers like Gardin who enable growers to make more informed decisions, reduce resource waste, and achieve higher productivity using the Ridder solution; working towards increased sustainability and resilience of their operations.”

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