Galax and Palm – OrcaGreen’s Decorative Florae That Add an Exotic Touch to Designs

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You, definitely, know that a floral product is worth its salt when it comes from Adomex. The Aalsmeer-based importer and specialist in, practically, all sorts of decoration green and cut foliage in Europe, certainly, does not disappoint when it comes to delivering the most unique floral products intended for different kinds of flower designs and arrangements. And just to demonstrate that, this time Adomex presents Galax and Palm. 

These are two distinctive decorative greens whose qualities, any florist or expert in floral design and arrangements, would certainly find appealing. The exceptionally adorable florae are native to the woodlands of the Appalachian Mountains (Galax) and along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico coasts (Palm). Even so, miles away from their natural habitats, these decoration greens, stand out in designs and floral compositions in which they are used.

Additions to Adomex’s OrcaGreen Label

OrcaGreen has been Adomex’s trusted green label for many years. It is highly esteemed by green professionals from just about anywhere in the world, specifically, those who appreciate and value, quality and reliability. The label delivers different high-quality cut greenery and foliage used by florists and designers in bouquets, arrangements, and other floral creations.


Galax leaves designed into a floral shape.
photo by @adomexinternational


And in keeping up with the ever-growing demand for its floral products, Adomex, which is the largest independent importer of cut and decoration greenery, exotics, and other filler flowers, has maintained long-standing relationships with a carefully selected collective of growers and suppliers from around the world. This ensures a continuous supply of its most beautiful cut greenery and other fillers to customers. Galax and Palm, are two such cut greenery; delivered by Adomex all the way from Florida, U.S. 

Do you want to know more about these products? Here you go.

Galax, a Small Seductive Heart-Shaped Charmer

Galax, botanically named Galax urceolata, a charming decorative type of greenery, is often referred to as Wandflower, Wandplant, Appalachian Galax, or Beetleweed. These evergreen plants are winter-hardy. 


Adomex's Galax and Palm, OrcaGreen’s Decorative Greenery
Photo by @adomexinternational


Their leaves are rosette-shaped with a serrated edge and are dark green with a matt gloss turning to reddish-brown during the winter, especially around Christmas. Galax’s stem length is generally between 5 and 10 centimeters long, but can sometimes measure 15 centimeters. The decorative plants that largely grow in shady Appalachian Mountains forests forming the border between North and South Carolina are particularly concentrated in the small town of Burnsville; the epicenter of the Galax industry.

Available, practically, all year round, the decorative green which possesses leathery, glossy, heart-shaped leaves with short stems is, largely, ideal for small arrangements and corsages whereby floral designers use a combination of its dark green and reddish-brown leaves to create exquisite designs.


Adomex's Galax and Palm, OrcaGreen’s Decorative Greenery
Photo by @adomexinternational


Here, it adds a dash of stylishness to the floral compositions it graces. In such designs, its addition provides an excellent contrast to vibrant blooms, making it an ideal filler in, virtually, all styles of arrangements; from traditional to contemporary. Basically, putting these leaves together in a design creates the most beautiful creations!

Galax’s resourcefulness goes beyond being a filler material, as the heart-shaped leaves can be creatively arranged to form a delightful green collar around bouquets, or stylized as a base for larger floral centerpieces. The scalloped edges of the leaves, also, lend a refined touch to compositions.


Adomex's Galax and Palm, OrcaGreen’s Decorative Greenery
Photo by @adomexinternational


OrcaGreen’s Galax is carefully harvested in the wild by experienced pickers and the leaves are delivered in large sacks to a supplier, who has been a permanent Adomex partner for more than 15 years. They are then sorted into two sizes: regular (5 to 7.5 cm) and super (10+ cm).  Also, the leaves are not harvested between mid-April and mid-June to give new ones enough time to grow.

Palm, a Large, Spear-Shaped Decorative Green

Serenoa repens, also known as the saw palmetto or in the Netherlands ‘zegepalm’, is a member of the Arecaceae family, and another product that Adomex offers through the OrcaGreen label.


Adomex's Galax and Palm, OrcaGreen’s Decorative Greenery
Serenoa repens, also known as the Saw palmetto.
Photo by @adomexinternational


This palm grows in the sandy soils along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico coasts of the sub-tropical south-eastern U.S. and has sturdy stems and strong, spear-shaped leaves that measure anywhere from 55 to 90 centimeters. The leaves are arranged in a fan shape at the tip of the stem, which is why they are sometimes called ‘fan palms’.

These palms are known for their compact growth and multiple stems, meaning that the individual plants take up very little space.


Adomex's Galax and Palm, OrcaGreen’s Decorative Greenery
Photo by @adomexinternational


Saw Palmetto’s unique foliage — most of the leaves are green with a silvery tinge — adds a touch of texture to floral arrangements when incorporated into them. A florist may opt to use individual fronds or small clusters to accentuate focal points or accents or combine them with other foliage or flowers to create interesting contrasts.

The fronds of Serenoa repens, also, provide a striking textural contrast when combined with other floral elements. One could consider using them in arrangements with large, bold flowers like sunflowers, where the fronds complement the sturdiness of these blooms.


Adomex's Galax and Palm, OrcaGreen’s Decorative Greenery
Palm paired with other bold flowers like sunflower.
Photo by @adomexinternational


Palm can also serve as a filler material or foliage in floral designs, where its fronds can be intertwined with other greenery, such as eucalyptus or ferns, to add volume to arrangements. Here, they bring a sense of natural exotic air to the overall design.

Furthermore, the tall, slender stems of Serenoa repens make it a good choice for vertical accents in floral designs. Incorporating the fronds in taller arrangements, such as floor vases or pedestal arrangements, creates heights.

Generally, these large, flexible stems are ideal for lush arrangements and large designs, where they are guaranteed to be attention-grabbers. 


Adomex's Galax and Palm, OrcaGreen’s Decorative Greenery
Photo by @adomexinternational


Adomex imports these decorative fronds from Florida, where the leaves are carefully harvested from the palms that grow as ground cover in forests containing mainly pine and oak trees. The palm leaves are packed in boxes in bunches of 10, and then shipped to the Netherlands in sea containers. The beautiful fan palm leaves are available at Adomex all year round.


Feature and header images by @adomexinternational.


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