Foam substrates, hydroponic fertilizer and you

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Here at Oasis Grower Solutions, we know it’s common for people to say growers shouldn’t apply nutrients until seeds germinate. But you won’t hear that from us.

Browse any of the Product Usage sheets for our engineered foam substrates, and you’ll find instructions to always fertilize with your initial saturation and seeding.

Ideally, we’d like you to make that first nutrient application with our OASIS® Hydroponic Fertilizer 16-4-17. But what we’d like even more is for you to experience the difference that optimal nutrients from day 1 can make. Research shows that starting nutrient application at seeding can increase lettuce fresh weights up to 200% by day 14. OASIS® Hydroponic Fertilizer 16-4-17 was developed to help you achieve similar results.


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