Flowers and ornamental plants are exported from Yalova to 30 different countries

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Garden A.S., a group created by many growers, is one of the most important examples of the cluster model in Turkey and makes a serious contribution to the provincial and national economies. Garden AS, founded by 42 companies and currently actively producing by 36 companies, started to increase the share of Yalova, one of Turkey’s important centers in floriculture, in the world market with the plants it produces. The companies, which mainly produce shrubs, tree groups, and seasonal ornamental plants both in greenhouses and in open areas, currently export 3,500 species of plants to approximately 30 countries, including influential countries such as Italy and the Netherlands because they produce at European standards.

One of the benefits of Garden AS is to produce plants that were previously imported to the country on its own land. Officials said, “We have now reached such a situation that we have started exporting to the leading countries of floriculture such as Italy and the Netherlands. This is a source of pride for us. Bringing in foreign currency to both our country and Yalova has become our pride.”

Stating that approximately 1500 people are employed in 36 companies within their organization, Garden AS officials said, “We can consider Garden AS as the Grand Bazaar of floristry. Yalova’s climate is suitable for flower production. We aim to increase our production from 3,500 species to 5,000. In addition, we aim to export plants to all European countries. In this way, we aim to make significant contributions to the regional economy and increase diversity in agricultural production.”

Source: Yalovamiz

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