Flourishing on the Farm

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In a farm building near the flower fields is a drying room, complete with a dehumidifier, where Natasha works with blooms grown specifically for the purpose of being dried. “The flowers in this room have to be kept in a really dry environment,” she says. “You can’t enjoy them in a vase first and then dry them properly. They have to go straight from the field to the drying room.” The dried flowers include weld, dyer’s chamomile, coreopsis, cosmos, madder root, scabiosa, and bachelor’s buttons. Natasha also stews some of them into natural dyes that she uses in the textile arm of her business. The botanicals give softly saturated hues to the cotton and silk scarves that the farm sells. In another application, Natasha’s team presses leaves gathered from the farm onto silk to create oneof-a-kind wearable art. Designs come from trees and plants such as dogwood, redbud, black walnut, pecan, maple, ginkgo, ferns, and eucalyptus.

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