Florist Special With Timo Bolte

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This week, famous floral designer Timo Bolte takes over the florist special edition. Owner of his successful company ‘Bolte Event Design’ along with his brother Stefan Bolte, Timo is known for bringing to life everything he touches, from effortlessly elegant to impressively dramatic floral designs, created to fit elaborate birthday parties to lavish soirees. Know everything about him in this special!

Timo Bolte – A Master of Flowers

German florist Timo Bolte is incredibly skilled and can successfully transform any event, making it appear quite literally unreal. With his team of experts, including Co-Founder, Stephan Bolte, they both have incredible enthusiasm for what they do, planning and executing an event flawlessly, boosting self-assurance and a magical day ahead for the people attending such events. As the team behind Bolte Event Designs provides special advice, planning, designing, and carrying out every vision, they can provide their clients with information as well as inspiration.


Floral and event designer Timo Bolte


Timo Bolte and Stephan Bolte

Timo Bolte (left) and Stephan Bolte (right), the two masterminds behind Bolte Event Design


Timo Botle is a highly talented young designer who has won numerous awards for his impressive artistic work (and has won the hearts of many around the world). His creations never cease to amaze and fascinate people. Looking for dreamy, out-of-the-world designs? Timo is the one to look up to. Looking for floral inspiration that goes above and beyond? Once again, Timo is the one to look up to. He truly creates dreams by using flowers and plants to influence people’s lives and feelings.


Timo holding a Valentines Day arrangement


A Special Philosophy Behind His Work

Sometimes, Timo Bolte and his team travel down unusual paths, yet they always produce outstanding results that astonish onlookers with one philosophy in mind— fascinate people, create special moments, and surprise. He wants to set the plants and flowers he uses in the right light, placing them on a pedestal because he thinks they deserve to be seen for the beauty they hold.


Garden party under the stars decoated by Timo Bolte

Garden party under the stars decorated by Bolte Event Design


Brilliant moments and aesthetics are the keys to success – that has been Timo’s creed, and he has always pursued it with great enthusiasm to promote his customers’ interests and rise to their challenges. The desires, needs, requirements, concerns, and dreams of every customer are their mission and passion.


Dyed floral arrangement for a buffet table


Indian wedding decorated by Timo and his team
Wedding flower decor by Timo and the team


Bolte Event Design is not just an event organizer; they are specialists in design. As a team, they bring events and productions to life because that’s what they live to do. Each event represents a new challenge and new emotions, altering how reality will be perceived. Every project and every customer has their own reality – and illusions – to stage and implement with a new level of visual standards.


Different floral decorations by Timo Bolte

Different types of floral decorations for events by Timo and his team


At Bolte Event Designs, the members behind all the spectacular work harvest ideas from creative minds and implement them in various settings and venues, with professionalism as the protagonist. Their small, fine production team, honed over years, seamlessly realizes joint efforts, supported by a loyal pool of trustworthy subcontractors and freelancers. Their designs are not only tailored to individual circumstances but also reflective of the occasion.


Styling London booths with flowers

Styling London booths with flowers by Timo and Stephan


Content must be understood to be staged properly. Uniqueness and attention to detail distinguish their projects, realized in close collaboration with clients. Profound knowledge, a good sense for capturing just the right touch, and a fascination for artistic and creative content guide them in designing every event. The determination to not compromise on quality is just as much an integral part of their work as the excitement found in rising to new challenges.

Additionally, Timo shares:

“It´s extremely important to be aware that plants are the third living force on earth, after people and animals. Add to this my irrepressible love for plants. I want to investigate the distinctiveness and versatility of plants. I just want to know their origin, history, how to look after them, and the factors affecting the growth of plants. This source of knowledge offers the designer an incredibly broad spectrum of new inspirations. With flowers, you can arouse emotions, make experiences and moments unforgettable, and decorate rooms…. A palette of possibilities that will never be exhausted. Plants have always been an active component of our lives, and still are. They turn any event into a special moment and I truly love plants.”

More About Timo Bolte and How His Love for Flowers and Plants Started

Even when Timo was just a kid, he was fascinated by plants. It started with plants in his own garden and helping out in his friend’s nursery, and finally ended up as an apprentice with Gregor Lersch. Timo worked together with Gregor Lersch for many years. But there was a lot more he wanted to know about plants, every detail about them, so he did his citizen’s service in the Botanical Gardens of the University of Tübingen. And one thing led to another…


Timo Bolte flower lover and designer


Living with plants got more and more intense, and his understanding of plants grew ever deeper. After his citizen’s service, Timo gave professional demonstrations on a freelance basis, among other things as public relations for the Taiwan Orchid Growers Association. The urge to explore the unknown drove him to set off for the Far East. He had the good fortune to familiarize himself with Asian plant traditions and Asian plant culture as a Senior Designer with Hibiya Kadan Floral Design in Tokyo. After that, he spent a little time in Paris, to acclimatize himself once more in Europe. At the moment, Timo is an active member of a leading events organizer in Vienna. During this time, he has been the leading florist at the Ritz Carlton Vienna for four years. In addition, he also undertakes photo projects, events, and classes abroad in places like Taiwan, Russia, and all over Europe.


Timo Bolte owner of Bolte Event Design


Timo looks at flowers as a cultural asset. And if he speaks then of himself as a cultural creative, resonate in it his esteem and love for flowers and plants. For more details about his work, visit Timo Bolte’s website and Instagram account.


Photos by @bolteeventdesign

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