Florist Special With Lil Caldwell of Grandirosa

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Super florist Lil Caldwell is the founder of Grandirosa Floral Design Studio along with her co-founders Mary and Stuart. Her childhood dream of working with flowers developed into a side business that she eventually turned into a full-time job and business. She did this while maintaining a successful legal career in the city. What makes her work stand out? In this week’s florist special, you’re about to find out the grandeur of her designs.

How Did Lil Caldwell’s Story in the Flower Industry Begin?

After completing her legal training and finding employment at a City law firm, Lil was inspired to pursue a career in floristry after being genuinely amazed by the flowers at her wedding. So, coming from a Law background, how did she actually get herself involved in the flower industry?


Lil Caldwell floral designer, and owner of Grandirosa


She took a month’s sabbatical to do an intensive course at Jamie Aston’s Flower School and that was the beginning of the end of her law career – she knew from day one that she loved working with flowers. Caldwell considers herself to be a pretty risk-averse person, so even though she was determined to follow my passion, she took the road of ‘slow and steady’. At that moment in her life, she began working on Saturdays for Rebel Rebel after the course to gain more experience with everything from bouquets to weddings.


Grandirosa owner and founder Lil Caldwell


She shares:

“I apologize for the pun, but what began as a little side gig making flowers for friends’ weddings out of my shed swiftly blossomed into a full-fledged company.”


Spectacular floral design by Grandirosa

A spectacular floral design by Grandirosa


Now All About Lil’s Business – Grandirosa

Grandirosa is a floral design studio in Marylebone, set amongst the many craftspeople of Chiltern Street. Lil and her team create exquisite floral arrangements that honor the magnificence of flowers. The successful flower business sources the best seasonal produce from upscale growers and suppliers to create stunning bouquets that are delivered throughout London, as well as floral arrangements for private homes, spectacular events, weddings, and large-scale installations.


Huge installation for Fenwick by Grandirosa

Huge installation for Fenwick on Bond Street, London, UK

The company was established in 2014 by Lil, Mary Wood, and Stuart Orr in a tiny Hackney studio. It has since developed naturally to become one of London’s top floral brands. They are now well-known for their romantic hand-peeled roses and their abundant signature floral style, which they execute out of their first floral atelier on the prestigious Chiltern Street.


Lil Caldwell and Mary of Grandirosa

Lil Caldwell and Mary Wood of Grandirosa


Grandirosa works with a portfolio of high-profile clients in the fields of fashion, beauty, hospitality, and entertainment in addition to private customers, newlyweds, and some of the most famous locations in London. They offer amazing creative design-led floristry that showcases the expertise and skills of their talented staff, all while delivering a superior level of service. Their photos say it ALL!


Different floral designs by Grandirosa


Highlight Moments for Grandirosa

It was truly a pinch-me moment for floral designer Lil when she got the contract to become The Ned’s in-house florist. Inside the former Midland Bank building, the hotel is a creative dream come true with ten restaurants, six private event spaces, and a members’ club. Every week, there’s plenty to keep Lil and her team very occupied as they work to decorate luxury brands’ events such as for Rose Inc, Hermes, and Glenlivet.


Installation for Hermes by Grandirosa


Installation for the Ned

Installation for the Ned

The ‘Annabel’s Jungle Party’, indeed, was an unforgettable event as well for Grandirosa.  To create an extraordinary event, they collaborated with not one, not two, but three production studios. The entire team created an all-natural foliage and flower facade, and performers dressed as monkeys abseiled off to greet the A-list audience. Inside, the main stairwell featured six flights of stairs that acrobats swung down while hanging from natural garlands. The party was a roaring success with a star-studded crowd enjoying Maître Choux delicacies washed down with Veuve Clicquot and Belvedere vodka. Guests including Lady Kitty Spencer, Brooklyn Beckham, and Guy Ritchie got ‘wild’ as they enjoyed the fancy dress party and special performance by Rita Ora.

Lil’s Favorite Part About Working With Flowers

About her creative journey in the industry and in growing with her brand Grandirosa, she shares:

“It’s a pleasure to be creative. We get some amazing briefs from clients, and the best and most fulfilling thing is being able to see these through from preliminary drawings to the completed installation. As for the inspiration, the eccentric flowers and tangled stems found in Dutch flower paintings have always delighted me. When I’m in the neighborhood, I also make an effort to stop by Queen Mary’s Garden in Regent’s Park, which is the largest rose garden in London.”


Grandirosa floral decor for a table


And for Grandirosa, what will come up this year? What will be the trendiest themes in floristry? Caldwell states that sustainability and a renewed interest in their relationship with nature are themes that grow and grow each year. They’re seeing an increased demand from some clients for natural materials, grasses, and dried flowers. At the more colorful end of the spectrum, anemones are very much having their moment in the spotlight too.


Huge arrangement of blooming roses


To take a look at all of the creations that have flower lovers falling completely in love with the outcome, visit Grandirosa’s Instagram account.


Photos by @grandirosa.

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