Florist Special With Elizabeth Jaime

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Calma is a Miami-based floral studio. Modern, tropical-ish, and always evolving, owner Elizabeth Jaime likes to blend old and new floral traditions to create fun and memorable floral moments for people and brands. Her work is created and designed with seasonally available flowers whenever possible and is grounded in experimentation. No two arrangements are ever alike and she likes to think that’s the fun part.

Calma by Elizabeth Jaime

This week’s florist special features Elizabeth Jaime, owner of her floral business in the state of eternal sunshine — Florida. Calma was created after Elizabeth left New York and the magazine industry to pursue new opportunities in her hometown of Miami. Her business became a full-time floral studio after experimenting with her own arrangements and small collaboration projects and now it could be said that her flower expertise and designs are a full-on boom in the tropical city.


Floral designer Elizabeth Jaime


Elizabeth’s outlook on floristry is both modern and tropical, drawing inspiration from Miami’s dynamic environment and her artistic sensibilities. Her work is characterized by its daring and intrepid use of color and innovative designs, often incorporating unexpected elements that add an extra touch of differentiation. Because no two designs are ever the same, this originality has garnered attention from high-profile clients such as Dior, Glossier, and Nike, whom she has collaborated with.


Floral designs for Glossier by Calma

Floral designs for Glossier by Elizabeth


At Calma Floral Design, Elizabeth and her team approach each project holistically, something that is important for her to communicate as well. Her background in magazines, specifically her five-year tenure as a visual editor at Bon Appétit, profoundly influences her current work. In her previous role, she produced, conceptualized, and art-directed photoshoots, and these skills translate perfectly to her floral design business. The methodologies she developed while organizing photoshoots are now integral to her process at Calma.


Floral design by Elizabeth of Calma flowers
Different styles of floral designs by Calma


The Calma Philosophy

Calma Floral Design, named to bring a sense of peace and tranquility, matches and simulates Elizabeth’s brand philosophy. She believes in the cathartic power of flowers, not just for their aesthetic value for designs but for their ability to summon up emotions and create lasting bonds not only with nature but with overall memories and experiences. Her designs are made to bring a sense of calm and beauty to any space, whether it’s a simple bouquet or a grand installation.


Elizabeth and team at Calma

Elizabeth and one of her team members at Calma


Beautiful floral design by Elizabeth Jamie


She shares:

“I believe success is simply taking an idea and bringing it to fruition. It doesn’t matter if the idea took off or if people hated it — that’s all irrelevant to me. The sole fact that someone got up and made the effort to realize an idea is enough for me to deem it successful. It takes a lot of work to get from the point of having an idea to catapulting it into real life, so I believe that in itself is a success. In the same respect, I view failure as a completely normal and necessary feeling to experience. It’s important to go through that to grow and evolve as a person and as a creative.”


Vivid and colorful florals by Calma

Vivid and colorful florals by floral designer Elizabeth of Calma


Calma now works on everything from large branded flower installs, and weddings to small intimate gatherings. One notable project that showcases her talent was a collaboration with Sabah for their residency at The Standard in Miami. Elizabeth created a stunning wall piece using hand-dyed amaranthus, demonstrating her ability to blend traditional floral elements with contemporary artistic techniques.


Floral design by Calma flowers Miami


Florals by Elizabeth for Peel


Tips for Aspiring Florists

Elizabeth’s advice for those looking to create their own arrangements at home is straightforward: change the water daily and keep the flowers away from heat and direct sunlight to prolong their life. She emphasizes that floral arranging doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few foundational rules and a bit of creativity, anyone can make stunning arrangements!


Differentiated floral design by Elizabeth Jamie


As Calma continues to flourish, the floral designer remains committed to exploring new creative horizons. She draws inspiration from a variety of mediums, including music, photography, and painting, which infuse her floral designs with a unique artistic flair. Most importantly, she lets the flowers themselves guide her, allowing their natural shapes, colors, and lines to dictate the final result.


Flowers for Louboutin by Calma

Flowers for Louboutin’s Art Week


Tropical florals by Calma


For more on her stunning work, visit Calma Floral Design and follow Elizabeth Jaime’s inspiring journey on the Calma Floral Instagram.


Photos by @calma_floral.

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