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Born and raised in Ukraine, Anna Dementieva, owner of her successful flower design business ‘Luxury Flowers Miami’, has joined this week’s florist special where she shares a special story behind her passion for flowers and floral design. Since she can remember, at home, when she was a young girl, her mom had the most amazing garden, and since that time, flowers have been an important part of her life. On this occasion she wants to share more about her trajectory as a floral designer and why she loves working with flowers.

Anna Dementieva of Luxury Flowers Miami Shares Her Story of Becoming a Floral Designer

Anna Dementieva, a passionate floral designer, grew up in Bila Tserkva, a small city in Ukraine. Her early years were profoundly influenced by her family’s country house, or ‘dacha’, located just a short drive from Kyiv. Anna’s mother maintained a well-maintained and colorful garden, where flowers were a central part of life. The garden’s variety and color changed with the seasons, featuring daffodils and lilies of the valley in spring, roses, lilies, peonies, dahlias, and gladiolus in summer, and chrysanthemums in autumn. These flowers regularly adorned their home, fostering Anna’s deep-rooted appreciation for flowers and nature from a young age.


Floral designer Anna Dementieva

At the age of 12, Anna discovered her passion for floral design when she saw an advertisement for flower classes at her school. Fascinated by the creative process, she began attending these classes, where she experimented with various materials, even venturing into forests and markets to find elements for her arrangements. Her dedication to this new world she had entered was like no other and she never missed a class, solidifying her ambition to become a floral designer.


Anna Dementieva working on a design


Anna Dementieva at the AIFD Symposium
Anna at the 2022 AIFD Symposium


Sharing Her Challenges and Successes as a Floral Designer

Despite her passion, the lack of formal floral design education in Ukraine posed a challenge. After finishing school, Anna expressed her desire to pursue floral design professionally, but her family encouraged her to attend a traditional university instead. She graduated as a manager in tourism, restaurant, and hotel hospitality, a field she enjoyed but didn’t fulfill her creative aspirations. After working and traveling extensively, Anna realized she needed to return to her true passion.


Luxury Flowers Miami designs by Anna Dementieva

A pivotal moment came when a friend visited her plant-filled apartment and reminded her of her love for flowers. Motivated, Anna took a leap of faith and sought work at a large flower market in Kyiv’s Khreshchatyk. Without a formal portfolio, she relied on her passion and determination to secure a job. This opportunity allowed her to hone her skills, and within two years, she opened her flower shop in Kyiv, gaining popularity for her floral and interior design services.


Anna with a floral arrangement

However, the political turmoil in Ukraine in 2013 significantly impacted her business. With declining sales and a dwindling client base, Anna relocated to the United States, starting anew in New York. She quickly found a job in a small Brooklyn flower shop, where she mastered her skills and speed.


Types of floral arrangements by Luxury Flowers Miami

Types of floral arrangements by Luxury Flowers Miami


She comments:

Here, I learned how to do everything quickly and, after one year, I mastered my speed skills. Once I had, I realized that I was ready for something new. I didn’t just want to bunch roses together, but I wanted to do something more artistic and elegant.”

Seeking more creative and artistic opportunities, Anna moved to Miami, Florida. There, she worked for a major company, creating elaborate floral designs for hotels and building lobbies, a role she loved and she can say that this is where her real flower story began. She was doing artistic designs for hotels and building lobbies. But in 2015, when she got pregnant and couldn’t work in person anymore, she decided to venture into an adventure she never knew she needed.


Colorful and summer like arrangement by Anna

Colorful and summer-like arrangement by Anna


Welcome to Miami and Say Hello to Luxury Flowers by, Anna Dementieva

In 2015, Anna opened her own business, Luxury Flowers Miami, initially operating online to balance work and motherhood. Though her creative designs were initially underappreciated, Anna persisted in introducing unique elements to the market. In 2017, she opened her first walk-in store, driven by a desire to succeed and innovate given that it seemed people just wanted the standard dozen roses and Baby’s Breath. People didn’t want to spend money on something they didn’t understand.


Flower boxes by Luxury Flowers Miami


Her journey continued with a focus on professional growth. She participated in her first competition, the Sylvia Cup, in 2021, which opened doors to new opportunities.

Anna shares:

“I love to compete; for me, it’s a way to learn something new, meet new people, and just have fun. I started to look for more competitions and challenge myself as much as I could.”


Anna Dementieva FSFA Designer of the Year 2023 Featured

Anna Dementieva FSFA Designer of the Year 2023



After this, she pursued further education at the Yola Guz School of Floral Design, obtaining certifications and accolades, including 3rd place in Designer of the Year at the Florida State Floral Association (FSFA) in 2023 and 1st place in two FSFA competitions in 2023.

Anna has also attended workshops with renowned florists like Elly Lin, Gregor Lersch, Hitomi Gilliam, Bart Hassam, and Phil Rulloda, constantly seeking to learn and evolve. Her journey from a small town in Ukraine to becoming an acclaimed floral designer in the United States shows her relentless pursuit of creativity and passion in the floral arts.


Anna Dementieva with Hitomi Gilliam

Anna with Hitomi Gilliam during the AIFD Symposium


Learn More About Anna Of Luxury Flowers Miami

In a small interview, Anna shares what she loves most about the flower world and her work.

Q: What do you love most about being a floral designer?


I love creating things that are unique and different. Flowers are amazing and I love working with them to design arrangements that my customers love.”


Unique designs by Anna Dementieva


Q: What is your favorite flower to work with and why?


I love all flowers; each is uniquely different and pretty in its own way. But, for me, peonies take the 1st place in my heart.”

Q: What inspires you in the flower world? Where do you get inspiration to create?


I like different and unusual things. My inspiration comes from everything… from nature, from other florists, from Pinterest, day-to-day life, everywhere. I love the creative process and how small ideas can turn into something entirely new.”

Q: What is your floral style? 


“I love to work with wire and frames. I strive to bring art to every design, but unfortunately, this style doesn’t always work in an everyday retail store. In any event, I try to do something modern and creative.”

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


“I dream of being a famous designer, and that could take 5, 10, or even 20 years. In 5 years, I would at least like to open my flower school and share what I have learned with other florists.”


Anna Dementieva


To see more of Anna’s work, make sure to follow her on Luxury Flowers Miami’s Instagram account.


Photos courtesy of Anna Dementieva

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