Floriscan introduces QR solution for plant care

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Michiel Kuipers, Floral Innovations

Floral Innovations has recently launched FloriScan to make plant care information easily accessible by scanning a QR code.

“With FloriScan, we aim to lower the barrier to buying plants. We notice there’s a clear need for a solution like this, especially because consumer uncertainty about plant care affects sales,” explains Michiel Kuipers, founder of Floral Innovations and the creator of FloriScan.

FloriScan works through a QR code placed on the plant’s label. When scanned, it directs the consumer to a personalized webpage with plant information and care tips. You can also have a live chat with “Dr. Flora,” an AI-driven “plant doctor”/tool that provides customized advice and can be integrated into webpages and webshops.

“It’s a game-changer in the flower and plant industry,” Michiel says. “It bridges the gap between consumers and knowledge about plant care, boosting sales and overall customer satisfaction. The addition of Dr. Flora further strengthens this connection, as it offers care tips tailored to the specific needs of each plant.”

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