Floriexpo 2024 Comes With a Bag Full of Goodies for the Floral Industry

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Floriexpo, which is North America’s largest B2B floral show, is set to take place from June 5 to 7, 2024 at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. A highly anticipated floral event, the expo presents an opportunity for professionals in the plants, flower, and floristry industries – and their other value chains – to connect, learn, and discover the latest trends and innovations.

With more than 1,500 floral professionals, and 225 global merchants attending, it, practically, brings into one place floral category vendors and mass-market floral buyers from supermarkets, chain stores, wholesale florist distributors, online retailers, and many more. Plus, it cuts across different segments including fresh cut flowers and greens to potted plants, containers, plush, technology, balloons, care and handling, design, and just about everything in between.

A Unique Experience Tailored to Floral Professionals at Floriexpo

Previously known as the International Floriculture Expo (IFE), this three-day floral trade event has undergone extensive makeovers to ensure that it better meets and caters to the specific needs of different floral professionals across all facets of the industry.


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​Floriexpo 2024 North America’s Largest B2B Event Exclusively for Floral Industry
​Floriexpo is North America’s largest B2B event exclusively for the floral industry


The restructured event, now, seeks to provide a customized experience for participants, offering a comprehensive range of opportunities to expand their networks, nurture their floral minds, and generally stay ahead of the game in this fast-evolving industry.

Floriexpo, which is by far the leading trade show, education resource, and connecting point for the floral industry in its region, fundamentally, presents all the right tools needed for one to grow their floral business as they remain relevant in the trade.


​Floriexpo 2024 North America’s Largest B2B Event Exclusively for Floral Industry
Scenes at a previous Floriexpo



“Our goal is to make your experience at IFE the most effective three days of the year. Floriexpo brings together cross-category retailers from high-volume mass markets and mid-size grocers, to independent operators from the local, national, and international markets.”

For the reason that it facilitates face-to-face interactions, the expo presents a uniquely special platform for all these players in the floral industry to get together, engage, network, share ideas, and keep up with the dynamic floral industry trends.


​Floriexpo 2024 North America’s Largest B2B Event Exclusively for Floral Industry


Also noteworthy, Floriexpo offers two distinct opportunities for participation: exhibiting and attending. Exhibitors have the chance to showcase their brands and products to the industry’s top decision-makers. With a wide range of sponsorship and advertising opportunities available, exhibitors can maximize their visibility and engage with potential buyers on a large scale.

On the other hand, attending the event allows floral professionals to engross themselves in a floral-inspiring setting, where they can explore the latest products, network with suppliers and peers, and gain valuable insights.


​Floriexpo 2024 North America’s Largest B2B Event Exclusively for Floral Industry
Beth O’Reilly and Derek Woodruff


What to Expect at This Year’s Event

The 2024 Floriexpo is set to introduce a series of thought-provoking additions to its activities, that will make it a valuable event for the attendees. These new features promise to enhance their floral knowledge and even inspire creativity in them.

The Floral Bootcamp, for instance, offers attendees the opportunity to participate in eight 30-minute micro sessions led by seasoned industry experts. From design techniques and trends to merchandising strategies, marketing insights, and supply chain workings, these sessions cover a wide range of topics that are crucial to success in the floral industry. Additionally, participants will have the chance to gain valuable knowledge during a keynote address. On completion of the day’s challenges, they will be awarded a certificate of attendance.


​Floriexpo 2024 North America’s Largest B2B Event Exclusively for Floral Industry


The New Empowerment Zone Sessions will focus on career development and personal growth, and here, partakers will have the opportunity to discover tools and strategies for integrating artificial intelligence, nurturing creative thinking, enhancing their LinkedIn presence, and promoting a forward-thinking mindset. These sessions are designed to provide valuable insights that will steer the participants’ floral careers to new heights. These cutting-edge concepts, generally, put one ahead of industry trends setting them as leaders in the floral market!

Also, there will be Flower & Wine Bar Workshops that offer participants a unique and interactive experience. Steered by exhibitors, these workshops develop creativity and showcase innovative products. Participants can indulge in a sip-and-create style format, where Floriexpo provides the wine while sponsors present exciting design projects. It will be an engaging session that encourages attendees to explore their artistic talents while enjoying a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.


​Floriexpo 2024 North America’s Largest B2B Event Exclusively for Floral Industry


There will also be product previews to showcase the most innovative creations. From magnificent floral arrangements to cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions, those attending will have a feel of products that shape the future of the floral market. This session not only allows companies to gain acknowledgment but also provides attendees with a firsthand look at the latest trends and innovations in the industry. 

And that’s not all, in acknowledging the importance of optimizing the exhibitor experience, Floriexpo 2024 offers a dedicated one-hour session for first-time exhibitors or those seeking a refresher on elevating their experience. Engaging with industry experts, participants in this session will gain insights, tips, and essential information to enhance their on-site preparation.


​Floriexpo 2024 North America’s Largest B2B Event Exclusively for Floral Industry


Topics covered will include logistical preparations before the event, the importance of networking events, proper booth etiquette, and addressing fundamental questions crucial for successful business interactions. 

These, and other activities, without a doubt, make this year’s event one to look forward to!

Prepare Yourself for an Immersive Floriexpo Experience

The 2024 Floriexpo, definitely, promises an experience quite like none other, where there are additions to the overall showcase and each addition is designed to enhance knowledge and empower participants.


​Floriexpo 2024 North America’s Largest B2B Event Exclusively for Floral Industry


It is an event that you wouldn’t want to miss. So, set your schedule and get your ticket to attend this floral spectacle of an event!

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