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Do you get to speak to the right person every time? And is all the information you need always available right away? All this is possible with Floriday Messenger. Trawling through hundreds of emails or Whatsapps is a thing of the past: all your messages and information can now be found in one place. So you save time and avoid mistakes.

After talking to both growers and buyers last year, Floriday worked out that a lot of mutual communication is often about topics and issues on Floriday. “This result is lots of Whatsapp and email messages with picture attachments going back and forth. Growers and buyers spend a lot of time searching for the right person and information. Our goal: to improve user efficiency and make work a lot easier. Which is why we have developed a new feature: Floriday Messenger,” the company’s team expains.

Benefits of Floriday Messenger
Messages about trades are now bundled together in one place. What about questions regarding sales or purchase orders, corrections or contracts, for example? “You can start a chat directly on the required topic. What’s more, Floriday Messenger makes it easy to find the right person or team to put your question to. Conversations are easy to find, including those involving your colleagues. So team work wins and much confusion is avoided,” they point out.

Infinite possibilities
Floriday Messenger will continue to expand with new features. “Soon you’ll be able to attach photos and articles to chat messages you send. It will soon also be possible to send messages to colleagues internally. Handy if you need to coordinate something between each other. And you will be able to start a chat in more and more places,” they conclude.

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