Florensis collaborates with Alpha Nurseries

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In the plant world, new ideas often come from collaboration and creativity. That is why Maarten Wouda, Sales Represenative at Florensis, has taken some ground-breaking initiatives in the plant market by working with Alpha Nurseries and Meko Hulsebosch.

“With my background as a florist and technical plant knowledge, we made Alpha Nurseries and Florensis distinctive. Together, we changed the way plants are sold and created some famous mixes such as Fun Fusions and Salvia Mysty & Friends,” says Maarten Wouda.

“In my early years at Florensis, I got to know Ton van Grimbergen. Ton produced a nice assortment of perennials in large pots in Leimuiden, including Papaver, Anemone and various first-year flowering perennials,” says Maarten Wouda.

“From the first moment I met Ton, there was a click. Even though the nursery was doing less well at the time, I always had confidence in him and nursery Alpha. Ton always knew how to think outside the box and gave me the opportunity and confidence to think along with him to make Kwekerij Alpha distinctive in the market. The sales of his plants were mainly through the auction, but this needed to change to ensure it didn’t hold back long-term growth.”

“Meko Hulsebosch made mixed plant arrangements, including on zinc bowls, and had a strong sales position with good contacts within Retail. Because Meko was dependent on expensive external purchasing, especially of 10.5 cm and 12 cm pots, and processing was very labour-intensive, the idea arose to plant the plant arrangements directly from our plug in a zinc bowl. For this, Meko Hulsebosch was looking for growers who wanted to make this for him on order.”

“A partnership followed between Maarten Westerbos, Ton van Grimbergen and Meko Hulsebosch. Maarten and Ton did the production of the plants and Meko handled sales. Although this soon proved a successful formula, this collaboration lasted only 3 years and both growers went their separate ways.”

“During Meko’s time, the foundations were laid for mix recipes as we know them today, such as Fun Fusions and Spring Break. We were really pioneering in those days. Putting together a beautiful mix from paper seems easy, but it also has to be technically correct.”

“My background as a florist, technical plant knowledge and Florensis’ varied assortment helped me put Alpha Nurseries on the map as a year-round supplier of mix combinations.”

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