Floraprima Launches Their Latest Digital Floral Catalog

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Floraprima was born in 2019. As a Rosaprima sister brand, there has been a noticeable growing demand within the industry for specialty flowers, particularly those seasonally grown in countries like Italy and Holland. Recognizing this opportunity, the creation of a new digital catalog is the perfect way to get to every client’s needs and show a part of the flower world of the Ecuadorian brand with more than twenty-five years of expertise to expand horizons beyond roses.

Introducing Floraprima’s Digital Catalog 

Floraprima’s headquarters and home are in the heart of the Altura Highlands of Cayambe, Ecuador. This region’s extraordinary variation in altitude provides the perfect microenvironmental niches for a diverse range of specialty flowers to be grown beautifully and top quality throughout the year. Their farms, positioned at high altitudes within the Andes mountains, offer ideal conditions for many different flowers to grow amazingly.


Ranunculus varieties in different colors by Floraprima


This month, the brand is thrilled to launch its first digital catalog, showing its dedication to producing the highest quality specialty flowers. It features a variety of collections that have not been seen before, offering floral lovers and customers an exclusive glimpse into the flowers that Floraprima brings to the market.


Anemones by Floraprima
The anemone assortment by Floraprima coming in diverse colors


The digital catalog is more than just a list of flowers; it is an invitation to further explore their divine collections of florals, many of which are widely seen in floral designs worldwide given their spectacular shapes, colors, textures, and overall look and feel for every type of arrangement.


Digital catalog of ranunculus and anemones by Floraprima


Bright red anemones by Floraprima brand


Floraprima – A Word for Beauty 

What’s more exciting than having a wide variety of flowers to choose from? Whether to create an arrangement, a bouquet, or to decorate spaces, flowers are always welcome and flowers will always do the job of beautifying anything and anywhere. This is exactly what Floraprima aims to do, with the future of luxury florals that has arrived. The whole team is excited to share this journey with you and looks forward to bringing the beauty of each flower into everyone’s lives.


Pink ranunculus varieties grown by Floraprima


Welcome to a world of beauty! Remember to download their most recent digital catalog to see the exciting future of flowers.


Whitish and purple anemones


Follow them on social media to stay updated with their latest collections and floral inspirations. Visit Floraprima’s Instagram account and Facebook at Floraprima. Don’t forget to join their community of floral enthusiasts to be the first to know about new launches and exclusive offers on Floraprima’s website.


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