FlorAmor acquires Nurseries totaling 80 hectares

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FlorAmor has acquired the business assets of ID’Flor, AZARO, and Bracke, encompassing over 80 hectares. The acquisitions took effect on July 1, 2024. This move aims to optimize capacity, harness synergies, and strengthen FlorAmor’s market position as an azalea specialist.

Optimization and Efficiency
“The acquisition of these business assets enables us to establish a fully integrated production process,” said Alain De Mol, CEO of FlorAmor. “By consolidating production and sales operations, we can enhance our agility and operational efficiency, leading to reduced production costs and improved control over quality and availability.”

Stakeholder Benefits
For FlorAmor’s customers, this integration promises better alignment of supply and demand, an expanded product range, and enhanced product quality. “This initiative is expected to drive higher customer satisfaction and foster long-term partnerships,” stated the CEO.

The acquisition also presents new growth opportunities and job security for FlorAmor’s employees. “The experienced staff from all companies will remain with us, preserving and further developing their unique expertise. This is crucial in an industry where attracting skilled labor is a significant challenge.”

Acquisition Details
ID’Flor, AZARO, and Bracke will integrate their production sites and activities, which span over 80 hectares in East Flanders, into FlorAmor’s existing operations. According to FlorAmor, this integration will result in centralized planning and production, leading to more profitable cultivation and a stronger market position.

Alain remarked, “These acquisitions mark a significant milestone in our growth strategy. We look forward to realizing the benefits of these integrations and delivering enhanced efficiency and quality to our customers, employees, and shareholders.”

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