FloraLife finishing touch effects on roses

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Roses are one of the most common flowers used in bouquets and floral arrangements. At FloraLife, we continually monitor and evaluate the efficacy of our products to make sure they are providing the intended postharvest care function. In this research update, we share the results of an experiment that looked at the effects of FloraLife® Finishing Touch spray on roses grown in Colombia.

Roses were sourced from a farm in Colombia and shipped to the FloraLife laboratory in South Carolina, USA. The stems were re-cut to about 40 cm in length, with the lower leaves removed. Stems were then placed into vases filled with FloraLife Crystal Clear® solution. Half of the flowers were treated with FloraLife® Finishing Touch, while the other half were left untreated. The vases were placed in an observation room with a temperature maintained at 18C (64.4F) with a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark cycle. The flowers were observed daily for vase life changes.

The average vase life of both varieties without treatment was 7.9 days, while the average vase life of the roses treated with FloraLife® Finishing Touch spray was 9.9 days. Both rose varieties reached at least 8 or more days of vase life with the FloraLife® Finishing Touch Spray applied. The treated roses also resulted in brighter red ‘Freedom’ roses.

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