Fleurs de Villes ARTISTE Mannequins Fill Up the Edinburgh Botanic Garden

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Recently, global sensation Fleurs de Villes announced the fifteen talented Edinburgh florists starring in the UK premiere of ARTISTE; a spectacular fresh floral celebration of Scotland’s remarkable art and the nation’s much-loved artists. With the exhibition running until June 9th, if you’re in Edinburgh these coming days, you might want to visit these floral marvels before they’re finished decorating the Botanic Gardens of this whimsy city. Here’s a full list and guide of the mannequins and florists behind these works of art.

Everything to Know About the Edinburgh Botanic Garden x Fleurs de Villes ARTISTE

Fifteen of Edinburgh’s stars of the flower world, each of whom have been paired with an art-related Scottish icon, will bring the exhibition’s theme of ARTISTE to life in a truly spectacular floral display. The exhibition will feature stunning fresh floral installations inspired by iconic masterpieces including Monarch of the Glen, and inspired by Scotland’s remarkable artists past and present, from Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Robert Burns to Annie Lennox, Billy Connolly, and Alexander McQueen.


Tina Barkley and Karen Marshall, Founders of Fleurs de Villes with Billy Connolly mannequin at the Edinburgh Botanic Garden


These one-of-a-kind floral displays will also celebrate Edinburgh’s lively arts scene, drawing inspiration from Dovecot Studios, Jupiter Artland, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the Scottish Opera, Edinburgh Playhouse, the National Galleries of Scotland, and the Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture. 


Fleurs de Villes mannequin exhibition at Botanic Garden of Edinburgh


Speaking about the UK premiere of ARTISTE in Edinburgh, Karen Marshall, Co-founder of Fleurs de Villes said: 

At the heart of the Fleurs de Villes brand is a deep appreciation for art and a commitment to elevating floristry as an art form like no other. With this vision in mind, our new show Fleurs de Villes ARTISTE speaks to our origins. It celebrates the universal love for the arts and their extraordinary capacity to unite people and the world around us. We couldn’t be more pleased to launch this show outside North America for the first time in Edinburgh – a city renowned for inspiring artists for centuries.


Tina Barkley and Karen Marshall

Tina Barkley and Karen Marshall


 Raoul Curtis-Machin, Director of Horticulture and Visitor Experience at RBGE, added: 

Following last year’s spectacular launch of Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE at the Botanics, we look forward to welcoming visitors to the stunning new exhibition – ARTISTE. This celebration of floral artistry, inspired by the world’s art, is aptly located at the heart of the Garden’s magnificent Living Collection and Inverleith House, home to our own creative arts program. 

Visitors to Fleurs de Villes ARTISTE will begin by wandering through a beautiful indoor pavilion featuring a curated collection of 15 of Fleurs de Villes’ famous fresh floral mannequins. While admiring the floral masterpieces, visitors will have the opportunity to watch floral demonstrations and talks from local florists and botanical experts, then can make their way to the adjacent historic Inverleith House to explore captivating rooms inspired by iconic art movements including Surrealism, Pop Art and Impressionism. 


Fleurs de Villes event in Edinburgh



Mannequins at Edinburgh Botanic Garden
Maud Sulter Mannequin by Debrah J Flowers


The legacy of pre-eminent Victorian botanist, Duncan Napier, will be celebrated in a Napiers the Herbalists Experience room, allowing visitors to enjoy botanical beauty and holistic well-being talks and demonstrations. Visitors can also explore the architecture and history of the Palm Houses at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in a room inspired by the incredible biodiversity of these iconic glasshouses.

Delicious botanical refreshments, light bites, and an afternoon tea menu will also be available within the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh’s on-site Terrace café. Visitors can also pick up picnic boxes to enjoy on the lawn adjacent to the floral pavilion, where the world of fresh florals continues with two more statement exhibits; a floral-adorned Classic MG presented by MG Owners Club and a floral adorned Cyberstar MG presented by Arnold Clark.


MG Cyberster car with florals by Penelope Fleurs

MG Cyberster car with florals by Penelope Fleurs and Partyy Event


Tickets to Fleurs de Villes ARTISTE (including add-on dining experiences and Le Soir evening) are on sale now and can be purchased.  General admission tickets are priced at £23 for adults, £20 for seniors and RBGE members, and £11 for kids (4-16 years). A family discount (2 adults & 2 kids) is priced at £56.

Revealing the Mannequins and Characters

Fleurs de Villes, the world-renowned floral show behind international blockbuster exhibitions in cities including Sydney, New York, Chicago, Miami, London, and Toronto, has announced the fifteen Edinburgh talents who will deploy superstar levels of floral art in the UK premiere – in Edinburgh – of its major new exhibition; Fleurs de Villes ARTISTE: a fresh floral celebration of Scotland’s remarkable art and the nation’s much-loved artists. 

Robert Burns Mannequin x Flowers for All Occasions 

Inspired by Alexander Nasmyth, Robert Burns, 1759 – 1796. Poet, from the collection at National Galleries Scotland.


Robert Burns by Flowers for All Occasions


Monarch of the Glen “En Fleurs” x Gillytree Studio 

This majestic floral stag is inspired by Sir Edwin Landseer’s The Monarch of the Glen, from the collection at National Galleries Scotland. One of the most famous British pictures of the 19th century; for many people, it encapsulates the grandeur and majesty of Scotland’s highlands and wildlife.


Monarch of the Glen by Gillytree Studio


Charles Rennie Mackintosh Mannequin x Partyy Event and Penelope Fleur by KDM 

His architectural masterpiece, the Glasgow School of Art, stands as evidence of his visionary genius, blending elements of Art Nouveau with his distinctive aesthetic.


Charles Rennie Mackintosh by Partyy Event and Penelope Fleur


Billy Connolly Edinburgh Playhouse Mannequin x Bonnie Bunches 

Inspired by ‘The Big Yin’ and the landmark Edinburgh Playhouse, where Billy first performed in 1976, and numerous times since. Sir Billy Connolly, born in Glasgow in 1942, is a beloved comedian, musician, and actor whose career has spanned several decades, making him a cultural icon in Scotland and beyond.


Billy Connolly by Bonnie Bunches


Annie Lennox Mannequin x Flower Pixies 

Inspired by the iconic outfit on the cover of Annie Lennox’s solo debut album, Diva, in 1992. Iconic Scottish singer-songwriter Annie Lennox captivates audiences with her soulful voice, poignant lyrics, and magnetic stage presence.


Annie Lennox by Flower Pixies


John Byrne Mannequin x Wonder Flower 

Inspired by esteemed portrait artist, playwright, and stage designer John Byrne. Wonder Flower invites you to enjoy their dreamlike floral interpretation of John Byrne‘s Self-portrait in a Flowered Jacket from the collection at National Galleries of Scotland.


John Byrne by Wonder Flower


Alexander McQueen Mannequin x Penelope Fleur by KDM 

Inspired by the renowned designer’s collections influenced by his Scottish heritage and by Scottish culture, history, and traditions. He smoothly integrated elements of Scottish culture into his collections, drawing inspiration from the rugged landscapes, rich history, and iconic tartans of his ancestral homeland, reimagined through his avant-garde lens.


Alexander McQueen by Penelope Fleur


Dovecot Weaver Mannequin x Pirita Blooms 

Inspired by the 2024 summer exhibition at Dovecot Studios that features The Caged Bird’s Song – showcasing how master weavers at Dovecot brought artist Chris Ofili’s watercolor design to life, creating a stunning look that took over three years to create.


Dovecot Weaver by Pirita Blooms


Scottish National Opera Mannequin x Flowers by Kerry 

Inspired by the character of Violetta Valéry, from Scottish Opera’s production of La Traviata, directed by world-renowned Scottish director Sir David McVicar.


Scottish National Opera by Flowers by Kerry


Jupiter Artland Mannequin x Boyes Botanics 

Inspired by Joana Vasconcelos’ Gateway, a colorful and interactive swimming pool art installation at Jupiter Artland, made up of vigorous, hand-painted, Portuguese tiles.


Jupiter Artland by Boyes Botanics


Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Dancer Mannequin x Wildbells 

Inspired by The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Dancers that celebrate the cultural tradition of highland dancing while showing how contemporary the art form can be.


Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Dancer by Wildbells


Annie French Mannequin x Petals by the Shore 

Inspired by Annie French’s The Pink Rose, from the collection at National Galleries Scotland. Known as one of the Glasgow Girls, French studied at Glasgow School of Art (GSA), from 1886-89, excelling as an illustrator and developing an exquisite linear technique.


Annie French by Petals by the Shore


Nicola Benedetti Mannequin x The Flower Studio 

Inspired by the renowned violinist and the first Scottish and the first female Director of The Edinburgh International Festival since it began in 1947. Her ability to captivate audiences with her innate musicianship and spirited presence, coupled with her wide appeal as a high-profile advocate for classical music, has made her one of the greatest influential classical artists of today.


Nicola Benedetti by The Flower Studio


Prince Charles Edward Stuart Mannequin x Nikki Fleurs 

Inspired by Scottish Painter Allan Ramsay’s Prince Charles Edward Stuart, 1745. Acquired by the National Galleries in 2016, it is widely recognized as one of the most important surviving Jacobite artifacts, showing Charles’ likeness during one of the most dramatic episodes in British history, when he became the last man to lead a Scottish army into England.


Prince Charles Edward Stuart by Nikki Fleurs


Maud Sulter Mannequin x Debrah J Flowers

Inspired by award-winning Scottish-Ghanaian visual artist Maud Sulter’s Terpsichore, one of nine subversive portrait photographs in her photographs series ‘Zabat’.


Maud Sulter by Debra J Flowers


More About Fleurs de Villes

Founded in 2015 by lifestyle and media experts Tina Barkley and Karen Marshall, Fleurs de Villes (flowers of the cities) is a Vancouver, Canada-based luxury brand specializing in bespoke fresh-floral experiences and activations. Champions of experiential marketing in the form of large-scale floral installations, Fleurs de Villes is a floral storyteller, bringing brand legacies to bloom through flowers. Gardens, venues, and shopping districts come to life through fresh-floral place-making, retail engagement, and collaborations with some of the world’s biggest luxury brands and entertainment franchises. 

Fleurs de Villes has produced over 100 unique luxury floral shows, uniting over 900 floral artists in major destinations across Canada, the United States, England, Scotland, and Australia. Leveraging local floral talent in every city, Fleurs de Villes creates authentic, engaging 360-degree experiences with omnichannel touch points across digital, video, social, print, and live platforms.

About the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) is a leading international research organization delivering knowledge, education, and plant conservation action around the world. Scotland’s four Gardens at Edinburgh, Benmore, Dawyck, and Logan attract more than a million visitors annually. It operates as a Non-Departmental Public Body established under the National Heritage (Scotland) Act 1985, principally funded by the Scottish Government. It is also a registered charity, managed by a Board of Trustees appointed by Ministers. Its mission is “To explore, conserve, and explain the world of plants for a better future.” Lea

The Fleurs de Villes ARTISTE global tour will travel through the US, Canada, and the UK in 2024, stopping in cities including Chicago, Toronto, Atlanta, Vancouver, Dallas, Boston, and New York. For more information visit the Fleurs de Villes website and the Royal Botanical Garden of Edinburgh


Photos by Alfie Marsh, @alfiemarshfilm

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