Fleurizon presents the 19th edition of their starter material catalog

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Fleurizon announces their 19th edition of their new 2025 catalog. Which is filled with various starter materials such as Succulents, Grasses, Bedding plants, Perennial cuttings, Foliage plants. All types of Dracaena, Deremensis, Massangeana, and Marginata, and more. Grafted Cactus, Hoya, Adenium, the Fleurizon staple item Phormium, Helleborus, Canna and much more.

The 2025 Catalog highlights new products. Besides this, there are lines of Crypthanthus. New colors of Grafted Cactus. As well as new offerings of specialty Cactus.

The catalog also has Albuca ‘Frizzle Sizzle’ and tillandsias in multiple formats and species. A line of more and larger flowers of Euphorbia Milii. Varieties of Cordyline, Kalanchoe, Adenium, and others.

Fleurizon specializes in importing plant-starter material available worldwide.

For more information:
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