First ever single-flowered alstroemeria grown by Dutch grower

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Fashionista Sofiena

Alstroemerias come in many colors and sizes, but a single-flowered alstroemeria had not been grown by a Dutch grower before. H.M. Tesselaar is introducing the very first single-flowered alstroemeria, called Fashionista Sofiena. The name Sofiena was coined by the two daughters of the owners, combining the names Sophie and Fienne. Sophie is Melvin Tesselaar’s daughter, and Fienne is Linda Tesselaar’s daughter.

Fienne and Sophie

Newest invention
Willem Dekker of H.M. Tesselaar stated, “The Fashionista Sofiena is one of the newest inventions in our breeding program. In this program, we have been searching for years for alstroemerias with the right characteristics, such as good leaf quality, successful cultivation under LED lighting, and a long vase life. Earlier this year, we introduced the red alstroemeria Lambada, the pink alstroemeria Tania, and the white Florinca Pinot, all of which have been very well received by the market.”

The grower is especially proud to finally introduce the Sofiena, which is slightly different. “The Sofiena emerged in our crosses and is the forerunner in the single-flowered alstroemeria program, with more introductions to follow in the coming years. The Sofiena is characterized by its hard pink color, beautiful leaf quality, and long shelf life.”

Starting Friday, the Sofiena will be auctioned daily at the Aalsmeer auction. Willem from H.M. Tesselaar expressed their eagerness to see how the market will respond.

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