Extreme rainfall impacts Kenyan flower production

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Paul Mwangi, Zedgee Ltd

“Weather conditions have a significant impact on our outdoor flower cultivation. Any type of extreme weather, whether it’s drought or rain, affects the condition of the flowers,” says Paul Mwangi, who works at flower nursery and exporter Zedgee Ltd in Nairobi, Kenya. “The past few weeks, we experienced heavy rainfall, but it did not lead to major losses for the company. The floods caused by the rainfall primarily affected transport from the gardens to processing stations and to the airport.”

Zedgee supplies summer flowers year-round. Due to its location close to the airport, flowers can theoretically go from the garden to (Dutch) vase within 48 hours. “Even with the current severe weather conditions, we managed to achieve this. The heavy rainfall affected the condition of the flowers. The quality of the flowers has been slightly reduced, and the volume is smaller. Fortunately, we were still able to bring flowers to the auction every two days,” Paul continues.

According to him, nobody anticipated that the rain would be this severe, not even the Kenyan government. “There were some air freight difficulties, also in combination with the severe floods in Dubai. For instance, recently, air freight with the Emirates was not always possible. However, Zedgee claims to have always been able to transport flowers. Flowers never had to be left behind.”

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