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In the heart of the world of garden roses, there exists a place where the roses magically come to life: Alexandra Farms! My connection to this lovely farm goes beyond words; each visit is a trip into a paradise of flowers, where beauty and passion are intertwined in every petal.

During the year, Alexandra Farms sponsors a designer contest between designers who use Alexandra Farms roses in their creations. Winners of these designs are invited to a farm and city experience, which typically includes two days on the farm and a city tour on the last day.

This experience begins at the farm where the guests are welcomed and learn about the production process and all the intricacies involved that make this farm special. On the second day, the visitors get to see and share their opinions regarding new varieties being tested for the markets. Thereafter, designer participants are allowed to create their designs with an endless array of gorgeous roses cut directly at the farm. The results are stunning. On the last day, Alexandra Farms organizes a tour to the heart of the city where they visit de old colonial downtown, the botanical gardens, and a few other trendy locations. An unforgettable experience for all involved.

Touring the Farm – The Magical Experience

From the moment you set foot at Alexandra Farms, you are immersed in a universe of fragrances and colors that awaken the senses. The vibrant energy of the farm and the warmth of those who work there make each visit a unique and unforgettable experience. Revisiting the farms’ procedures establishes time and time again what makes Alexandra Farms roses so special and why their quality is unmeasurable.

During our tour, we had the privilege of entering the fascinating world of post-harvest. This crucial link in the floral production chain is often unknown to many, but for us, it was a revelation that transformed our perception of roses. In the post-harvest area, we were able to witness each step of the process up close, from harvesting the roses to preparing them for shipping. Watching how roses are sorted, cut, and stored was an educational and eye-opening experience.

We were surprised by the meticulosity and care with which each of these beautiful flowers is handled, ensuring their freshness and quality until they reach our hands. But was in the retail display case and coded area where the magic came to life. There, among the rows of exquisitely selected roses, I discovered the new varieties that will soon conquer the gardens of the world. The excitement of witnessing the birth of new roses, still in trial production, was like witnessing a miracle of nature.


Discovering varieties and fragrances in the fields


An Ode to Fragrances – The Olfactory Experience

After the farm tour, what can we say about the olfactory experience they had prepared for us? Each rose, with its unique and intoxicating fragrance, transported us to a dream world where beauty and aroma merge in a celestial dance. It was an invitation to fall even more in love with roses and discover the infinite possibilities they offer.



Designing Moments – Where Creativity Blooms

After delving into the secrets of post-harvest, the most exciting moment arrived: the designing arena. Surrounded by talented florists, each of us had the opportunity to unleash our creativity and design our unique and personal floral arrangements, unhinged, no roses barred.

During this amazing experience, on a day full of colors and fragrances, we explore the diversity of shapes and styles that Alexandras roses offer. From elegant bouquets to lush centerpieces, each design reflects the beauty and inspiration found at Alexandra Farms intertwined with the domain of selected designers here invited to the event. So much talent in one space.


My Design Focused On An Antique Timeless Composition
Photo by Nowski Visual


The Realm of Integration: Grower – Wholesaler – Designer

Overall, this experience was a journey through time and space, where roses revealed their deepest and most captivating secrets. However, during this experience, Alexandra Farms invited some of their top wholesalers to participate, which provided an interesting twist to the gathering. These wholesalers stood out during my visit as they not only shared their expertise in the floral world but also guided us through the most recent trends and developments in the industry. They share and open their window into their realm, and their words resonated in my heart, reminding me of the importance of innovation and passion in every rose stem.


Beautiful Alexandra Farms Rose
Photo by Nowski Visual


The AFCD Certification – A Seal of Floral Excellence

I am honored to have been the first and currently the only Colombian designer holding the AFCD certification, a recognition that allows me to work closely with Alexandra Farms, internationally recognized for its high standards of excellence. This certification is not only an honor but also a personal commitment to quality and passion for the floral world that I share with every visit to the farm. At the end of the day, as we admired our creations, we reflected on the incredible day we had experienced. Every moment, from visiting the post-harvest area to creating our designs, was a celebration of the passion and commitment that defines Alexandra Farms. I would encourage everyone passionate about garden roses to pursue this certification.


AFCD Certification
The certificate


A Reflection

As I reflect on my visit to Alexandra Farms, I realize that it is more than a place; It is a sanctuary for lovers of nature and beauty. Every rose petal is a reminder of the magic found in the simple and sublime, and every moment shared on the farm is a treasure I will cherish forever. I am deeply grateful to Alexandra Farms for opening its doors and allowing us to be part of this unique experience. May every rose that blooms in your fields be a reminder of the love and passion you instill in every petal, and may your beauty continue to inspire generations to come.

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