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When it comes to growing and production of quality and premium roses, Kikwetu Flowers knows how to do it! Luckily, if you are creative on myThursd, then you have an opportunity to work with their roses. Through the three projects currently available for pitching, the grower is seeking to expose its premium garden spray roses to exceptional floral designers like you.

If you have ever wished to work with premium garden roses and spray roses with relatively big bud sizes, then here is your chance. First, let’s dive into an overview of each project below, to get you ready for pitching!

Get Creative With Julietta Spray Roses

Juliettas are not new to you or if you are getting to know about them for the first time, you are in for a real treat. Julietta spray roses are premium garden spray roses with a graceful presence in any floral arrangement. Kikwetu Flowers is seeking a talented floral designer from Poland to curate amazing designs with their wide assortment of Julietta spray roses.


Spray Rose Julietta


Currently, they grow the following spray roses: Julietta, Julietta Honey, Julietta Apricot, and Julietta Cerise. Well-balanced colors for you to explore different creative paths with these incredible garden spray roses. Read the full details of this project on myThursd, to fully understand the required deliverables. If it interests you, submit your pitch as soon as possible for consideration.

Pavlova and La Mandarina, Premium Spray Roses

Both new in Kikwetu’s assortment, Pavlova and La Mandarina are unique premium spray roses. They will ‘wow’ you with their incredible opening. Pavlova with a pink shade and peach as they bloom, while La Mandarina is an intense orange spray rose creates a unique contrast.


Kikwetu Flowers
Spray Rose La Mandarina



Are you ready to flex your creativity with these two spray roses? A project on myThursd awaits you. Review the project about Pavlova and La Mandarina on myThursd for pitching.

Color Your Weddings With Rose Cold Play

Cold Play is a pure white garden rose, with such a beautiful opening and shape as it blooms. She is a floral designer’s delight because of the creative possibilities that exist with this rose.

Kikwetu Flowers would like to give you a taste of their premium quality Cold Play roses, by working with a talented floral designer from the Netherlands. Expect an incredible head size of 6-7 cm from Kikwetu Flowers, your creativity will be limitless.


Kikwetu Flowers
Rose Cold Play


The goal for this project is to showcase how Cold Play is a great rose for all your wedding and high-end intimate events. Strive to create and showcase those moments with this project. If this project excites you, review the complete details on myThursd and submit your pitch and Kikwetu will be waiting to engage you.

Apart from Kikwetu Flowers, there are more unique projects on myThursd all for you! From Concept Factory to Decorum, there is a project that might be interesting for you. Head to myThursd to review and pitch on projects that suit your preference.


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