Euroflora 2025 Designer Landscape Competition is now open

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Euroflora 2025 Designer Landscape Competition, a prestigious platform for innovation and creativity in landscape architecture and design, is now open for entries. It offers a unique opportunity to showcase your talent internationally – but hurry; the registration window closes by the end of June this year.

The Euroflora 2025 Designer Landscape Competition, a one-of-a-kind event, is now open to landscape architects and designers, architects, agronomists, naturalists, engineers, garden designers, and gardeners of all nationalities.

More opportunities in the Euroflora 2025 Designer Landscape Competition
In this edition, the Euroflora 2025 Designer Landscape Competition is offering an unprecedented opportunity for recognition. The number of available exhibition areas has doubled compared to previous editions, and 20 projects will be selected—10 among participants under 30 and 10 among those over 30. Your work could be among those celebrated for its innovation and sustainability, truly highlighting your talent and dedication.

The Call for Projects is now online at This Euroflora 2025 Designer Landscape Competition has been a platform for many creative avant-garde designers during past editions of Euroflora. The organisers, Porto Antico di Genova SpA, seek to shortlist pleasing and sustainable landscaping projects that embody the Show’s overarching theme, ‘Rebirth’. This theme explores the relationship between art and landscape; it is a concept that can truly inspire and guide your project.

All entries for the Euroflora 2025 Designer Landscape Competition must provide an original and unprecedented perspective on their design and artistic processes. Designers are encouraged to express their creativity, starting with soil, which should be used as a tactile surface moulded into a memorable shape. Additionally, all projects must adhere to the principles of environmental sustainability, water and energy saving, and the fight against climate change.

Registration deadline closes 30 June 2024
The deadline for registration is 30 June 2024, and the deadline for project submission is September 30, 2024. The best projects will be selected to be exhibited at Euroflora 2025 (Genoa, April 24 – May 4, 2025) by an Evaluation Commission comprising the Show’s Designer, architect Matteo Fraschini, landscape architect Caterina Tamagno representing Porto Antico, and representatives of various institutions under whose aegis the event is being held. These institutions include Angela Gambardella, architect, representing the Register of Space Planning, Landscape, and Conservation Architects of the Province of Genoa; Giovanni Sanguineti, forester, President of the Liguria Regional Register of Agronomists and Foresters; and Anna Sessarego, landscape architect, President of the Liguria section of AIAPP (Associazione Italiana di Architettura del Paesaggio – Italian Landscape Architecture Association).

A maximum of 20 exhibition areas, each measuring approximately 50 square meters, will be assigned. A Jury of experts—other than those making up the Evaluation Commission—will assess the participating projects on the eve of the Show’s opening, April 23, 2025—the day when, traditionally, the juries of all Euroflora competitions evaluate the various displays and make their decisions.

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