Ethiopia; New partnership to harness digital technology to improve advisory services for farmers and agriprenuers

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In acknowledging the power of digital technology in enhancing farming practices and empowering agricultural entrepreneurs, the Government of Ethiopia through the Ministry of Agriculture has partnered with the Global Network of Digital Agriculture Innovation Hubs (DAIH) Digital Green to improve advisory services and optimize the use of data and information for the benefit of farming communities and agriprenuers across the country.

This initiative aims to create an open knowledge-sharing architecture, facilitated by Digital Green’s innovative approach and powered by FarmStack, an open-source data and content-sharing network.

Recognized as a Digital Public Good by the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA), FarmStack provides a collaborative platform for sharing content among stakeholders within the agrifood systems domain. Leveraging APIs, URLs, and CKAN integrations, FarmStack enables seamless access to, contribution to, and dissemination of digital open content.

Engaging the youth

In its initial phase, the project conducted rapid user research by engaging with Youth Agri-Entrepreneurs (YAEs) affiliated with FAO’s DAIH in Ethiopia. Through in-depth interviews and analysis, the research identified key user requirements, including content preferences, accessibility needs, and user experience considerations. This foundational step ensured that the subsequent content development and delivery mechanisms were tailored to meet the specific needs of the target audience.


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