Ethiopia Govt and horti industry collaborate to stay export-competitive amidst new international regulations

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The government and private sectors are undertaking various measures to guarantee the safety of agricultural commodity exports subject to stringent rules and regulations from receiving countries. According to the horticulture industry, Ethiopian exporters and producers are in danger due to new regulations imposed by international regulatory authorities.

As a result, the government and industry participants are working hard to ensure that Ethiopian agricultural products, the main source of hard currency for the nation, continue to be exported. Empowering the inspection facility prior to export is one of the most recent efforts toward this goal.

At a ceremony held on Thursday, June 27, at the Ethiopian Horticulture Producer and Exporters Association (EHPEA) head office, the Ethiopian Agricultural Authority (EAA) received several phytosanitary inspection tools. The equipment has been supplied to protect the safety of export goods, according to Tewodros Zewdie, Executive Director of EHPEA, in order to professionalize the inspection branch at Bole International Airport, the final point of departure for agricultural export products.

Tewodros said, “We have given over quarantine equipment, which our members financed, in accordance with the authority’s request. This will increase EAA’s capacity and boost export competitiveness.” EHPEA claims that during the last two years, the association has collaborated with the government in several areas to guarantee the competitiveness of Ethiopia’s horticultural sector.


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