ErfGoed turns WaterSystems into a dedicated department

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Water determines the success of greenhouse and nursery crops: without water, plants won’t grow, and without plants, there is no business. Making a well-functioning and reliable water system is one of the most important means of control for a grower to grow quality products. As a grower, you want to be a reliable supplier for your customers. However, the complexity of a water system does not exist in isolation; it requires an integrated approach. Mapping all water flows is crucial.

New department
Hugo Paans, CEO and owner of ErfGoed: “ErfGoed has been active in the field of water systems for many years. We didn’t come to the fore with this, but it has now become an important branch of our company. Customers emphatically indicate that there is a need for a supplier that understands water management and appreciates how ErfGoed translates their wishes into an integrated water system. To further professionalize it, we recently created a separate WaterSystems department. This will allow us to distinguish ourselves, in addition to cultivating floors and becoming visible in this way.”

Partner for growers
ErfGoed supplies products and services for growers in the entire water chain. “The products and services we provide are extensive: starting with the collection of water and water storage, the treatment and disinfection of well and reclaimed water, the irrigation method, as well as the application of fertilizers,” says Corné Verduijn, Manager WaterSystems at ErfGoed. “If water management and the cultivation method are optimally coordinated, the grower achieves the best growth and cultivation results. As ErfGoed, we are a true partner for growers. We listen to the grower’s wishes and plans for the future, and incorporate that into the design of the total solution.”

“The separate WaterSystems department is also an important step for North American growers,” says Jack Ford, North America Sales Manager at ErfGoed. “ErfGoed provides a reliable water system, which offers growers certainty to secure quality water for the future.”

The ErfGoed WaterSystem
“ErfGoed’s WaterSystem fits seamlessly with the ErfGoedFloor. The system guarantees reliability and continuity through signal functions for maintenance, for example. By incorporating ‘back-up’ options, ErfGoed creates a 100% reliable system.”

Corné explains: “Our system is easy to operate and provides growers with tools to collect cultivation data and respond to it with the WaterSystem. By logging in remotely, you always have insight into the current water flow and management data. We can also log in to the system and help growers immediately in the event of an error message, for example.”

Cor Bremmer, Operational Director at ErfGoed, adds: “We develop our systems in a 3D view. This allows us to visualize the situation and the installations in the water technical room. You can see in detail which components are included and where they are in the system. This also improves the service after the construction and installation process: for example, if something needs to be replaced, we can see exactly what is needed based on the 3D view.”

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