Elevate Your Poolside Experience: Combining Stylish Pool Umbrellas and Lush Outdoor Plants

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It’s the summer days. Or it’s one of those weekends when all you want to do is lounge in your backyard pool. Fun times indeed. But what if you could elevate the poolside experience a little bit more? Yes. It can get better. And the answer lies in investing in pool umbrellas and lush outdoor plants.

Plants not only look pretty but also make to 98% of the oxygen you breathe. Not only that. Studies claim that plants can make stress reduction and mood improvement happen, too. [1] [2]

So how exactly can you elevate your pool experience by combining plants and pool umbrellas? Read on for the details.


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Create Shade and Style

Who doesn’t love escaping the midday sun for a refreshing dip? But even the most inviting pool can feel harsh under the full glare. Here’s how to combine a stylish umbrella with shade-loving plants for a cool retreat:

Choosing Your Umbrella

If stylish pool umbrellas are what you’re after, look for reputable suppliers in your area. They’re expert blenders of functionality and aesthetics, customizing umbrellas as per your preferences.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right pool umbrella:

  • Pick an umbrella that provides ample shade for your seating area. A seven-foot to nine-foot diameter umbrella is ideal for a small patio set, while larger umbrellas can cover bigger spaces.
  • Opt for a durable, UV-resistant fabric like canvas or acrylic. These will withstand the sun and rain, ensuring long-lasting shade and vibrant colors.
  • Consider your personal taste. Do you prefer a classic market umbrella, a sleek cantilever design, or a whimsical thatched option?

After taking your pic, it’s time to go for your preferred outdoor plants.


Girl Enjoy with flower near pool
Picture by @Alesia Kozik


Choosing Your Plants

Ferns, hostas, and snake plants are all excellent choices for under the umbrella. They thrive in dappled light and add a touch of lush greenery. Plant these shade-loving friends in decorative pots around the base of the umbrella stand. This creates a finished look and allows easy maintenance.

Try Different Color Splashes

A great-looking pool umbrella is a fun way to add personality and transform your pool area into a focal point. Here’s how to choose the perfect color:

  • Look at your tiles: Take a cue from your pool tiles. If you have blue tiles, a crisp white or a sunny yellow umbrella creates a classic contrast. For a more vibrant look, choose a turquoise or coral that complements the blue.
  • Surrounding plants: If you have colorful flowers, a neutral-toned umbrella like beige or gray can act as a backdrop and let the blooms take center stage.

Don’t be afraid to go bold. Opt for bright red, a playful striped pattern, or a tropical-themed print. Just ensure the color complements your existing outdoor furniture and creates a cohesive space.

Try Fragrant Plants

Surround yourself with the delightful aroma of fragrant flowers while enjoying your pool. Lavender is a classic choice for poolside planting. Its beautiful purple flowers add a touch of color but also emit a calming fragrance.

You can also go for night-blooming jasmine that fills the evening air with its sweet, intoxicating scent. Plant jasmine vines near your seating area or trellis structures close to the pool. As evening approaches, the delightful fragrance will enhance your poolside experience.

But don’t limit yourself to flowers alone. Consider fragrant herbs like rosemary or mint, too. These add a touch of greenery and emit a refreshing scent when brushed against. Plus, rosemary has been proven to improve memory and positively affect mood. [3]

To reap these benefits, plant them in pots near your seating area for a delightful double whammy. When planting fragrant flowers, consider prevailing winds. Position them near your seating area or lounging chairs so you can fully enjoy the beautiful aroma.


Home pool with outdoor plant
Picture by @Kseniya Kobi


Light Up the Umbrella

Drape strings of fairy lights around the edge of your pool umbrella. As twilight falls, these twinkling lights will create a whimsical and inviting atmosphere. Opt for solar-powered fairy lights for a budget-friendly and eco-friendly option.

You can also go a little bolder and string bistro lights across your patio or pergola near the umbrella. This overhead lighting creates a warm and inviting ambiance, perfect for evening entertaining.

Once you’ve done this, you can consider strategically placing solar-powered lanterns around your plants. These cast a soft glow, highlighting your greenery and creating a magical effect.

Layered Look

Create a visually stunning poolside retreat by incorporating plants of varying heights. But how do you add depth and dimension to your space?

Low-growing succulents, ornamental grass, or creeping thyme are perfect for planting around the base of your umbrella stand. These add pops of color and texture while softening the straight lines of the umbrella.

Filler plants like ferns, hostas, or ornamental shrubs add body and color to the mid-ground. Plant them in containers or directly in the ground, keeping mature size in mind.

In Closing

Lush plants and pool umbrellas make for a great match. Use these tips to get the right mix of pleasure and relaxation. If you desire something a little more dramatic, talk to the pros. Their expertise can go a long way.


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