Edible roses are grown in the Chinese city of Anning

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In Anning City, Yunnan Province, Southwest China, the industry of growing edible roses is thriving, and various products are made from their petals. This is reported by the website “Huanqiuwang.”

It’s no surprise that the Bazhe area of Anning is called the “City of Roses.” Over 2,175 rural households here cultivate edible roses, covering a total area of more than 397.07 hectares.

“Edible roses are not only beautiful but also delicious,” said Li Jiang, a member of the party committee of Xianglian Village in Bazhe. According to him, edible roses from Bazhe make an excellent filling for floral pastries. Xianglian Village, surrounded by mountains and plateaus, gets plenty of sunlight. Thanks to these unique natural conditions, the roses grown here are brightly coloured, richly fragrant, and of high quality.

Currently, Bazhe is actively developing the production, processing, and sale of edible roses. The area has 36 specialized cooperatives growing these flowers, one family farm for cultivation, and 18 leading processing enterprises. Additionally, there are 24 modern standardized processing lines for edible roses. The daily processing volume is over 200 tons, and the annual processing capacity exceeds 6,000 tons.

In 2023, the total production of fresh flowers in the Bazhe area reached 3,343 tons. More than 30 products have been developed from the roses, including rose fillings, frozen flowers, drinks, dried flowers, floral pastries, and oil. The processing volume is estimated at 4,680 tons, and the total value of processed products is $20.15 million.

Besides roses, Anning grows more than 20 types of flowers, such as carnations, lilies, eustomas, hydrangeas, and baby’s breath. Currently, the total area of flower fields in Anning exceeds 1,200 hectares, and the expected value of flower products is more than $82.81 million.

Source: russian.people

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