Ecopots steps up its sustainability efforts

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Sustainability remains a priority for the Ecopots brand, but due to current economic developments, which are making consumers more price-conscious, this aspect has somewhat faded into the background, according to the company. Under these circumstances, The Pots Company, the firm behind Ecopots, has decided to implement some optimization processes. CEO Emmanuel Devriendt states: “We are aiming for multiple goals simultaneously. Ultimately, the brand will become even more recognizable, and the presentation in both physical and online stores will be tighter and more attractive. This will result in a sales boost.”

By simplifying product packaging and labeling, they not only save up on a significant amount of waste, but they also improve the brand’s uniformity. This contributes to stronger premium branding. A lot of cardboard and plastic will be avoided by tackling the packaging for the logistical process differently. At the same time, handling is facilitated. A new label on the inside of every pot or container not only bundles essential information such as USPs and user tips but also protects it during transport and in the store. A QR code on the packaging will lead consumers to more information online. On the outside of every pot, a super-recognizable pictogram will now be featured alongside the engraved Ecopots logo, which is simple yet visually unmistakable.

Handcrafting is involved in the production of every Ecopots, where, for example, the exterior is always carefully sanded. A new and smart addition is that each pot now comes with an accessory that not only provides information but can also serve as a handy scrubbing sponge. This makes regular maintenance a breeze. “We believe that pots should not just be thrown away, as recycling costs a lot of energy,” explains CEO Emmanuel Devriendt.

The number of product references has also been thoroughly reviewed and significantly reduced. The range will be clearly aligned with the different sales channels: specialized garden centers, online platforms, and mass retailers. This simplification, combined with a redefinition of in-store communication, will provide more tranquility and overview in the Ecopots section. This helps consumers make the right choice for their pot or container.

Research indicates that more than 95% of our daily decisions are made unconsciously and that color is the decisive factor in 84.7% of our purchasing decisions. Moreover, our sales figures show that 2 out of 3 customers are looking for a round pot. Based on these insights, we have decided to implement significant changes in the arrangement of our pots on the shelf. Through a thoughtful implementation of colors, models, and sizes, combined with strong branding, we create new, impressive, and functional shelf presentations that enhance the customer experience.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Ecopots was being copied left and right. As a further response, The Pots Company is now developing a customized promotional range with its sister company, Seasons. These are clearly of better quality and presented more beautifully than the copycats, with a high price vs. quality ratio. Without overlooking the pillar of sustainability – a no-brainer.

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