Dutch Lily Days Event Showcases Beauty and Innovation

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“See Tomorrow’s Lilies Today,” is both the slogan of the Dutch Lily Days event and the perfect reason to enjoy these all-time favorite flowers. Combined with Love for Lilies’ campaign slogan “Not Grown to Be Subtle,” it’s clear why these bold blooms deserve the spotlight.

An Impressive Flower at an Impressive Event

The Dutch Lily Days event is a fantastic mix of discovering new varieties, networking, and discussing industry trends and challenges. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with colleagues and brainstorm about the future.

From June 4 to 7, thirteen lily bulb exporters opened their doors to the international lily trade, offering insights into the quality and characteristics of a wide variety of lilies. This year’s participants included P. Aker, Boots Flowerbulbs, Van den Bos Flowerbulbs, Bot Flowerbulbs, De Jong Lelies Holland, Lily Company, Onings Holland Flowerbulbs, C. Steenvoorden, Gebr. Vletter & Den Haan, VWS Flowerbulbs, World Breeding, Zabo Plant, and Royal Van Zanten Flowerbulbs.

Thousands of visitors from around the globe immersed themselves in the world of lilies, visiting these lily breeders and exporters to meet and exchange ideas with key industry players. Visitors were deeply impressed by the trial plantings, which showcased the diversity and quality of the blooms. Discussions also focused on sustainable lily growing, highlighting opportunities and challenges in the sector.

Love for Lilies

Dutch Lily Days are organized by lily bulb growers and exporters, but the promotion chain does not stop there. Around seventy Dutch growers — representing an annual production of 270 million (!) stems — have joined forces to continue telling the story of lilies as a global icon of boldness and beauty through their campaign “Not Grown to be Subtle”.

This is what some of these growers who were present at Dutch Lily Days commented to floral influencer Peter van Delft about the Love for Lilies campaign.


From the left: André Reijm, Raymond Vijverberg, Kees van Paridon, and Levi Evers


What do you think of the ‘Love for Lilies’ campaign?

André Reijm, Double Check Lilies: “It is different than your usual campaign. It’s to the point.”
Raymond Vijverberg, Qualily: “‘Love for Lilies’ is a great collaboration that includes all lily growers.”
Levi Evers, Bredefleur: “I like this campaign very much.”

What can florists and consumers expect in the lilies range in the near future?

André Reijm, Double Check Lilies: “Double lilies are becoming more beautiful and better. Plus, they are odorless and pollen-free.”
Raymond Vijverberg, Qualily: “Florists must look out for double LA (Longiflorum x Asiatic) lilies that are odorless and pollen-free.”
Kees van Paridon, Dutch Lily Masters: “There will be growth in double-flowered lilies.”
Levi Evers, Bredefleur: “We will see more variation in flower shapes and more pollen-free lilies.”

How do you look at growth in the lily business?

André Reijm, Double Check Lilies: “Not at this moment. First, we need to tell the right story [through this campaign] and then growth will come. We need to make more exclusive products.”
Raymond Vijverberg, Qualily: “No real growth. However, the market is quite stable at this moment, which I think is positive.”
Levi Evers, Bredefleur: “There is no real growth at this moment because retail is increasing. The lily is becoming more of a luxury flower.”

How do you view the development of double lilies compared to single-flowered lilies?

André Reijm, Double Check Lilies: “In the long run, I think we’ll see more double lilies in the market.”
Raymond Vijverberg, Qualily: “I think the odds are 50-50. If the blooms are strong enough, the transport condition will be better.”
Kees van Paridon, Dutch Lily Masters: “It might take 20 to 25 years, but in the end, double lilies will become more popular.”
Levi Evers, Bredefleur: “It might be, but not for a while.”

World-Class Meets World-Class

The Dutch Lily Days event kicked off on Tuesday, June 4, at Zabo Plant in ‘t Zand with special guest Irene Schouten, a former speed skating professional and multi-time world and Olympic champion. Moreover, she is the daughter of a bulb grower herself, so being among world-class bulb growers is just as normal as riding among world-class ice skaters. During the interview on stage, more and more similarities emerged between her sport and the lily industry. It was world-class meeting world-class. Schouten’s ability to excel under pressure mirrors the anticipation and effort required in the lily profession to create an optimal growing environment. Her presence underscored the event’s theme of collaboration and innovation.


Irene Schouten and Dirk Scholten
Irene Schouten and Dirk Scholten (Zabo Plant) introducing new Roselilies


Special Introductions: Roselily’s New Line of Double OT Lilies

During the event, Roselily introduced a new line of double OT (Oriental Trumpet) lilies. These new varieties add a broader color palette and more efficient cultivation to the current assortment of double oriental lilies. Irene Schouten was clearly fascinated by the sight of these lilies: “I am impressed by the beautiful colors and the full, double flowers of these new Roselily lilies. They truly bring something unique to the market.”

A Bold & Beautiful Future

The Dutch Lily Days 2024 event not only highlighted the beauty and innovation in lily cultivation but also emphasized the importance of collaboration and sustainable practices in the industry. That’s why the ‘Love for Lilies’ initiative “Not Grown to be Subtle” is embraced by so many growers to further spread the strength and beauty of this world-class flower.

Here’s to the future of lilies, bold and beautiful!


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