Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts

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The floral landscape is ever-evolving. New trends are constantly coming up now and then. And in keeping up with these trends — for consumers’ satisfaction — suppliers of floral products like bouquets, and other designs, are also coming up with uniquely innovative products. Dutch Flower House (DFH), a Netherlands and US-based producer and wholesaler specializing in dried flower concepts, is, as a result, one of those attracting and catching consumers’ attention with its avant-garde floral offerings. 

A brainchild of the visionary Thom van den Ende, Dutch Flower House, is, simply, transforming the way consumers experience flowers. It brings dried flowers into the markets and homes of millions of people, not just Americans but also others across different countries. It blends old-world flower craftsmanship with a modern touch in its designs, topping them with a sustainable approach. Quite fascinating, isn’t it? Here’s all you’d want to know about this innovative dried flower wholesaler.

Floral Concepts Rooted in Dutch Tradition

Everyone agrees that flowers serve so many purposes. They are communicative of emotions, and evocative in their different forms. Traditionally, dried flowers have often been relegated to areas of nostalgia, evocative of bygone eras. Essentially, many people tend to associate dried flowers with sentimentality.


Thom van den Ende, the founder of Dutch Flower House


But the Troy, Michigan-based Dutch Flower House is breaking these preconceptions. It ushers in a new era where dried flowers are rightly placed at the peak of elegance, sophistication, and innovation. DFH seeks to elevate spaces with its high-quality dried flowers, produced in a 100% sustainable manner, and delivered in eco-friendly packaging, complimenting the company’s sustainability cause. 

One can, therefore, be sure to experience the elegance of handmade dried flower creations, crafted in the Netherlands with the essence of Dutch craftsmanship. Plus, the wholesaler’s carefully curated collection reflects extensive experience in the flower retail and floral industries.


Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Its Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts
A bouquet of dried wildflowers from Dutch Flower House


And since it serves a diverse clientele — including global hotels and retailers across Europe and the U.S. — DFH ensures prompt delivery of its floral products worldwide. It does this through its international logistics network, hence why it continues to attract even more attention across the globe.


“In essence, we don’t sell happiness, but dried flowers come pretty close [to that]. So, whether you’re a retailer or simply appreciate quality design, our unique creations are here to captivate and inspire. Here, you can therefore discover the unique beauty of dried flowers.”


Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Its Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts


Thom’s passion for his dried flower craft concepts is palpable in every word. From his roots in the Netherlands to his company’s fast-growing presence across the Atlantic, his journey, which began with a simple premise to bring the essence of Dutch craftsmanship to the global stage, has been visionary, imbued with the knack to seize opportunities seen from afar. It is complemented by his rich understanding of the ever-evolving needs of the American flower consumer.

Entering and Conquering the U.S. Market

Venturing into the U.S. market was a strategic move for Dutch Flower House, according to Thom, as the company recognized the immense growth potential. He, therefore, employed a multi-faceted approach to successfully penetrate this market.


Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Its Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts



“Firstly, comprehensive market research was conducted both on the production and consumer fronts. This involved a careful analysis of market trends, consumer preferences, and competitive landscapes. 

Furthermore, we actively participated in industry conventions and engaged in numerous meetings to gain valuable insights into the American consumer psyche and their specific needs.”

These interactions, he says, not only facilitated networking opportunities but also provided first-hand knowledge of market dynamics and preferences. And by investing time and resources into understanding the unique demands of the market, the company was able to tailor its strategies effectively, through a customer-centric approach that enabled it to align its products and services with the expectations and preferences of American consumers. This, ultimately, contributed to its successful market entry and sustained growth.


Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Its Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts


In this new market, Dutch Flower House consequently set itself apart from its competitors through a combination of distinct factors. It first prioritized uncompromising quality in its products, ensuring that each floral arrangement or dried flower item met the highest standards of excellence. This not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also established DFH as a trusted brand renowned for its superior craftsmanship.

Additionally, the wholesaler’s strong commitment to sustainability served as a key differentiator. Recognizing the growing importance of environmental responsibility, DFH implemented eco-friendly practices throughout its operations; from sourcing raw materials to packaging and distribution. Offering sustainably sourced and produced floral products appealed to environmentally conscious consumers seeking ethical and environmentally friendly options.


Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Its Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts


Moreover, Dutch Flower House distinguished itself by providing exceptional value to customers. Despite offering high-quality and sustainable products, the wholesaler remained competitive in pricing, often comparable to, or even lower than those of Latin or Asian dried flower competitors. It is this affordability, combined with a commitment to quality and sustainability, that positioned Dutch Flower House as a preferred choice for consumers seeking both value and integrity in their floral purchases.


“In essence, Dutch Flower House’s differentiation strategy centered on the pillars of quality, sustainability, and affordability, catering to the evolving preferences and values of the discerning American consumer base.”


Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Its Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts


The Dried Flower Experience: Unique Dried Flower Concepts by Dutch Flower House

The Dutch dried flower solutions wholesaler has introduced several unique dried flower concepts to the U.S. market, resonating well with the often choosy market and consumer segment. These include:

Seasonal Collections

These curated seasonal collections of dried flowers are inspired by the natural beauty and changing landscapes of different seasons. For instance, vibrant autumnal hues for fall, soft pastels for spring, and rich, deep tones for winter. Such collections allow customers to bring the essence of each season into their homes year-round, appealing to their desire for seasonal decor.


Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Its Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts


Customizable Arrangements

Customizable dried flower arrangements allow customers to create personalized decor pieces tailored to their preferences and home aesthetics. Dutch Flower House, as a result, provides a wide selection of dried flowers in various colors, textures, and styles, empowering customers to design arrangements that reflect their individual tastes and creative vision.

Sustainable Design Themes

Dutch Flower House has developed dried flower arrangements with sustainable design themes, such as ‘Farmhouse Chic’, or ‘Bohemian Elegance’, that incorporate eco-friendly materials and organic elements. Such designs appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers seeking stylish yet sustainable decor options for their homes.


Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Its Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts


Celebration and Special Occasion Collections

The wholesaler also creates specialized dried flower collections for holidays and special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or weddings. These collections feature unique arrangements and color palettes designed to evoke the spirit of each celebration, making them ideal gifts or decorative accents for festive occasions.

Artistic Installations

Dutch Flower House, also, showcases artistic installations and statement pieces made entirely from dried flowers, offering customers visually striking decor options that serve as focal points in their homes or event spaces. These unique creations capture attention and spark conversations. Such discussions position the wholesaler as a trendsetter in the dried flower industry.


Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Its Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts



“Just so you know, as sustainability becomes increasingly important to American consumers, Dutch Flower House has positioned itself as a leader in this area. Our commitment to sustainable practices, from sourcing to production and packaging, resonated strongly with environmentally conscious consumers, distinguishing us from competitors and contributing significantly to our success in the U.S. market.”

Basically, all these innovative, distinctive, and unique concepts – coupled with the incorporation of quality, sustainability, and creativity – ensured that Dutch Flower House successfully captured the imagination of U.S. customers, providing them with novel, inspiring, and sustainable decor solutions for their homes and special occasions.


Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Its Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts


Future Plans for Expansions

For Thom, the sky is hardly the limit, as he has plans to grow Dutch Flower House even bigger. DFH, he says, plans to unveil new and innovative products that go beyond traditional dried flowers. While details of these remain confidential, these products promise to captivate customers with their creativity and uniqueness. 

Additionally, the wholesaler actively pursues expansion opportunities in Latin America, recognizing the region’s potential for growth and success. When venturing into the U.S. market, Dutch Flower House implemented various marketing and promotional strategies to raise awareness and attract customers, including collaborating with influential figures on social media platforms, developing a TV commercial, participating in industry conventions, and organizing promotions with charitable organizations. 


Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Its Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts


Moreover, the company also showed a commitment to prompt delivery that extends beyond physical logistics. It invested in advanced order processing and tracking systems, allowing customers to monitor the status of their orders in real-time. This transparency has enhanced customer satisfaction and confidence in its delivery capabilities.

Furthermore, the open communication channels that Dutch Flower House maintained with customers throughout the delivery process, as well as its dedicated customer service team, readily available to address any inquiries or concerns and ensuring a seamless delivery experience from start to finish, were key in the whole process.


Dutch Flower House Conquers the U.S. Market With Its Sustainable Dried Flower Concepts


Such strategies, Thom believes, will be effective in tapping into other emerging markets and making the wholesaler one of the leaders in the floral industry.


All photos feature dried floral products from Dutch Flower House.

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