Dutch company adds new lamp post basket to its assortment

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This year, De Bruin Plantpot expanded its assortment with the Lanterna, a lamp post basket with a growing container inside. Now, the company also launches the Rotondo, a hanging basket for a facade, steel wire or lamp post. Suppliers of lamp post basket tend to supply the baskets with plants on ta contract-basis. Instead, De Bruin supplies baskets without flowers to its clientale which includes local growers, garden centers, holiday parks, retailer associations, homeowners’ associations, and (semi) government institutions.

The growing container is equipped with an ebb and flow bottom, allowing for an easy-use of cultivation tables. The inner basket is equipped with water channels in the corners, making it always easy to water the flowers after placement in the Lanterna. The Lanterna has a water buffer of over 6 liters and a soil volume of 12 liters in the inner container. When choosing the right plants, watering once every 3 to 4 weeks is sufficient, of course depending on the weather conditions.

Thanks to the easy-to-change inner container, plants can be easily changed. This makes it possible to beautify the street scene all year round using seasonal products.

The Lanterna consists of two halves that can be attached to any lamp post with a bracket. Durint the summer, the lamp post basket can be filled with the Austrian trailing geranium, but also Surfinias, Scaveolas, and Hederas. As soon as autumn arrives, winter shrubs such as Hedera Hybernica, Skimmia, Festucca, and Gaultheri are good options.

This new basket is round, and can be hung on lampposts or facades by means of brackets or from steel wires.The Rotondo has a diameter of 60 cm and is 30 cm high. It can contain over 10 liters and a buffer of 35 literes. With the Rotondo, De Bruin Plantpot is aiming at the same customers as with the Lanterna.

Both baskets are made of PE (Poly Ethylene) plastic material. According to De Bruin this material is strong, impact-resistant, flexible and therefore weather-resistant, and long-lasting.

Jorg Swagemakers (De Bruin Plantpot) with the Rotondo

Both products are directly available.

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