Does Ramadan reduce productivity in packing houses?

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The holy month of Ramadan sets the rhythm of life in Morocco, as in other Muslim countries, including changing work schedules.

Workdays generally shorten over the course of a month and are organized to take into account the time of the breaking of the fast. The Moroccan government changes the official time zone from GMT+1 to GMT, to accommodate people’s need for free time before sunset.

How does Ramadan affect work at packing houses? Is it true that productivity drops? Asmaa Baibane, export manager of BL Agri, a packing house based in Agadir, answers this question frequently asked by international customers.

“It’s true that the month of Ramadan influences our productivity,” says Baibane.”We adjust schedules and optimize tasks to maintain efficiency while ensuring that our employees’ needs are respected.”

“Adapting to Ramadan requires a great deal of planning in advance to avoid any significant lengthening of processing times during this month. Accordingly, we adapt our operations and supply chain to the new schedules and shorter working days, demonstrating flexibility to support our employees, for example by respecting prayer and fast-breaking times, while ensuring continuity of operations and respecting deadlines and commitments to our customers.”

The exporter concludes, “The working day during Ramadan is above all characterized by high motivation, a unique and festive spirit, and strengthened solidarity.”

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