Do You Know What’s Almost Here? Chrysanthemum Week in Colombia!

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Rionegro, Antioquia, will be this year’s host for what is one of the most important weeks in the floriculture industry. Week 35 marks the start of Chrysanthemum Week which several international growers and buyers look forward to. Some of the most recognized and premium Chrysanthemum breeders come together to exhibit their best products and varieties, creating what is the world of Colombian mums. It is an event of power, awareness, networking, growth, and fun for attendees. Will you be going this year? Here’s everything to know about it!

Colombian Chrysanthemum Week Invites You to Antioquia in August

As a week that celebrates not only the specialty and beauty of mums, it also highlights innovation in the industry, specifically for this floral product. Taking place from August 26-30, 2024, Chrysanthemum Week is a prominent happening in the floral industry that has evolved, consolidating itself in week 35 as a reference for international growers and buyers.


The diversity, colors, product display, and fun of Chrysanthemum Week!


Colleagues in the industry came up with the concept of holding a week devoted to chrysanthemums, and year after year, this goal and purpose took shape, strengthening relations at the same time. Not only has it become a staple week for the country, but it has gathered hundreds to honor and celebrate the growth of the product, the differentiation from breeder to breeder, and gives the chance for international attendees to get a sense of what is being cultivated in Latam farms and why the product is exported worldwide with great quality.


Colorful Colombian chrysanthemums


A Little History About Chrysanthemum Week

In previous years, each breeder organized their ‘Open House’ and variety exhibition individually. However, in 2015, Deliflor and Dümmen Orange decided to fuse what would be the greatest idea for the future without knowing. They decided to coordinate their events for the same week, generating such a positive impact that they continued with this collaboration with even more excitement.



From then on, other breeders such as Danziger, Icon Selections, Floritec, Dekker, Progeny Breeding, Royal Van Zanten, Selecta Cut Flowers, and Ball SB joined between 2016 and 2019, thus consolidating the current participation of:

Deliflor Americas, Dümmen Orange, Danziger, Dekker Chrysanten, Floritec, Progeny Breeding, Royal Van Zanten, and Icon Selections.


Icon Selections chrysanthemums

Icon Selections present at Chrysanthemum Week


This is how ‘Chrysanthemum Week’ was officially born back in 2019, an event that today brings together the main national and international breeders who come together in a celebration of innovation and floral culture, one that is so important for the country.


Chrysanthemum Week recap event


An Event of Great International Relevance

Colombia, specifically Rionegro is eager to see you attend this year’s event. It marks a special time of the year because the occasion offers international buyers the opportunity to enjoy the flowering displays of all breeders in the same week. It is an opportunity to get a close look at the best varieties of chrysanthemums, exploring new trends and uses in the floral industry.


Visits during Chrysanthemum week

Although you must know, this event is not just about showing varieties. It is also a space to socialize, learn about the needs of the market, and meet again with friends, colleagues, and clients. Attendees enjoy an inaugural cocktail and various internal events that encourage networking and collaboration in the industry. An event to connect while observing and learning about mums? We’ll take it!


Details of chrysanthemum decorations


As part of the event, Thursd Blogger Shallima Turizo Dancur will also be attending. Shallima’s partnership with Thursd aims to amplify the visibility of Latam floral businesses and foster a global appreciation for the industry. Her work not only shows the beauty of floral designs and techniques but also emphasizes the people and stories behind the flowers. This collaboration is expected to bring a surge of inspiring content and significant initiatives that benefit the entire floral community. Read all about her and how she is changing the Latin American floral industry.


Shallima Turizo during Chrysanthemum Week


Creativity Flourishing and Flowing in Week 35

Over the past two years, Chrysanthemum Week has distinguished itself through its collaboration with esteemed floral designers as well. These experts bring their extensive knowledge and creative skills to bear, providing special and objective interpretations of chrysanthemum varieties. The joint effort offers a comprehensive visualization of the products, their applications, and emerging trends. The impact of this approach is evident in the sensational displays presented throughout the event.


Different chrysanthemum varieties


In essence of Week 35 rapidly approaching, it’s time to plan your visit. If you want to see chrysanthemum varieties up and close, this is your opportunity to explore the Latam flower market in such an anticipated event. It is without a doubt, an event that enriches all its participants every year and leaves a lasting mark on the world of floriculture.


Chrysanthemum week special moments
Special moments shared during the days of the event


For more relevant information visit Chrysanthemum Week’s website.

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