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This week I stepped into color, fragrance, and beauty. I visited the open days of United Selections, a name synonymous with excellence in rose breeding. It was an enlightening experience that not only expanded my appreciation for the beauty of roses but also deepened my understanding of the resilience and strength that these classic flowers symbolize

For enthusiasts and professionals alike, understanding the intricacies behind the breeding of roses is both enlightening and inspiring. Join me as I visit United Selections, a place where roses are not just grown, but lovingly crafted.

The Gardens of United Selections Colombia

At the heart of Colombia’s lush landscapes, United Selections merges tradition with cutting-edge science to create roses that are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also resilient and diverse. Their work is a delicate dance of nature and technology, resulting in roses that captivate both the eye and the soul.



What sets United Selections apart is its unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability. Each rose variety undergoes a meticulous selection process, ensuring that only the best traits are preserved and enhanced. This pursuit of excellence is visible in the vibrancy of their colors, the strength of their stems, and the consistency of their blooms. It’s a place where the beauty of roses is elevated to new heights, reflecting the passion and expertise of its dedicated team.

A Day Amongst the Roses

The opportunity to witness the splendor of United Selections’ roses first-hand is a dream come true for any flower lover. The displays of roses spread out before me like a vibrant tapestry, with a stunning array of colors and textures. Each variety of rose told its own story. The warm welcome of their great team enhanced the enthusiasm to explore even deeper into these marvelous creations of nature and their unusual forms. I was privileged to be shown around the farm by Jelle Posthumus himself, the CEO of United Selections. His passion for roses was palpable, and as we walked amongst the beds of their new varieties, he shared not only the technical aspects of hybridization but also included the introduction and marketing involved in developing each variety on display. 



Shallima at Open Day United Selections
Me with Jelle Posthumus, CEO of United Selections



It was evident that, for him and his team, each rose represented the essence of his company. What impressed me most was the resistance in the stems, and the heads, and their impeccable consistency. I felt this on many of these varieties, especially in the Spray Roses. Despite their apparent delicacy, United Selections’ roses are the result of a meticulous selection process, designed to strengthen their resilience and ability to thrive in diverse climates. This strength, combined with their undoubted beauty, is what makes them so valued within the floral industry.


The connections I made were not only with the roses but also with the people behind them. It was deeply meaningful to me. The importance of the team that as a whole synchronized all their objectives is very evident. I have a deeper understanding of how these flowers are perceived within the industry and with this new point of view, made this an eye-opening day for me.



Rose Amor Blossoms at Open Day United Selections
One of my favorites at the open days at United Selections was the rose ‘Amor Blossoms’. 


Reflections Amongst Roses

The beauty, but also strength, and resilience of United Selections’ roses are very impressive. Despite their delicate appearance, these flowers are the culmination of a rigorous selection process aimed at enhancing their durability and adaptability. The attention to detail is evident in the consistency and quality of the rose. This experience, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Colombia’s landscapes, not only deepened an appreciation for the beauty and resilience of roses but also offered a unique insight into the floral industry’s heart.


United Selections open day
Hugo , , and Jelle Posthumus of United Selections
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