Diptyque’s Included Lots of Flowers in Their Latest Activation at Nordstrom

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Nordstrom recently partnered with luxury perfumer Diptyque for the latest addition to their revolving Nordstrom NYC Center Stage 360 activation a couple of months ago. The pop-up welcomed Diptyque’s new collection, Unleash the Rose, which features a new scent, Eau Rose, and four limited-edition candles, Litchi, Camomille, Artichaut, and Roses. This shows how flowers are an essential part of events and decorations.

Diptyque’s Pop-Up at Nordstrom Filled With Flowers

Diptyque, the luxury French fragrance brand, chose to use flowers for their pop-up event at Nordstrom to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary and to highlight their floral-inspired fragrances. Flowers have always been a central theme in Diptyque’s product line, reflecting their relationship to natural and high-quality ingredients.



Reasons for Choosing Flowers for Their Activation

Flowers are used by brands to decorate pop-ups and events because they create an immediate and powerful visual impact. The natural beauty of flowers enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space, aligning perfectly with the high-end image these brands strive to project. The rich colors and forms of floral arrangements can transform a venue into an elegant environment, making a lasting impression on attendees.


Complete view of Diptyque flower pop up

Moreover, flowers contribute significantly to the sensory experience of an event. Their natural fragrances can evoke emotions and memories, creating a multi-sensory atmosphere that resonates with the essence of many luxury and beauty products. This sensory engagement helps brands connect with their audience on a deeper level, reinforcing the luxurious and refined qualities of their offerings.


Diptyque roses and products

In the age of social media, the photogenic quality of flowers is another critical factor. Beautiful floral displays encourage guests to take photos and share them on platforms like Instagram, providing organic publicity and enhancing the event’s reach. This visual appeal ensures that the brand’s presence is amplified through attendee-generated content, effectively leveraging social media for marketing.


Alternate view of the flower decor

Additionally, flowers symbolize freshness, natural beauty, and care—values that resonate well with the ethos of luxury and beauty brands. By incorporating flowers into their event decor, these brands underscore their commitment to quality and attention to detail. The use of flowers also aligns with the growing consumer preference for natural and organic products, further enhancing brand appeal.

Flowers Used in the Pop-Up

Roses are a signature element in Diptyque’s product line, representing classic elegance. They likely featured prominently in the pop-up display, reflecting the essence of Diptyque’s ‘Roses’ fragrance.

Jasmine flowers, known for their sweet and intoxicating scent, are another key ingredient in many of Diptyque’s fragrances. Including jasmine in the display would highlight the brand’s dedication to rich and luxurious scents. Tuberose, with its rich, creamy fragrance, is often used in the floral compositions as well. Its inclusion in the pop-up would add to the diversity of floral notes represented.


Diptyque fragrances and candles

Diptyque fragrances and candles inspired by different types of flowers


Depending on the specific theme and design of the pop-up, other seasonal flowers such as peonies, lilies, or gardenias might have been included to complement the main floral scents and create an abundant, fragrant environment.

Design and Execution

The pop-up was probably intended to be a welcoming environment, complete with floral arrangements that mirrored the notes of Diptyque’s fragrances while also adorning the space.


Diptyques choice of flower decor for the activation


Diptyque’s choice to use flowers for their Nordstrom pop-up was a strategic decision aimed at celebrating their floral heritage while enhancing the look of the overall store, attracting the eyes of many strolling around while shopping.


Assortment of flowers to decorate Nordstrom


Photos by @nordstrom.

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