Did the ‘Orange fever’ already begin?

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How do the efforts of the Dutch soccer team at the European Championships affect flower sales?

According to Mike Duivenvoorden of Duif Flowers, there is not so much interest in orange flowers at the moment: “We don’t really see many orange flowers on the market at the moment, it’s as if the link between football and flowers has not yet been made. In terms of packaging, too, we see little to no football-themed products popping up. In previous years, there were more orange flowers during the European Championships, but perhaps orange flowers will be more common on the market if the Netherlands advances during the European Championships. We are currently seeing mostly white and sand-colored flowers, but that is because of the bridal season, which has started again.”

“I do have a lot to do with the European Championship,” laughs Wesley van Klaveren of Flowergreens, “but the Championships seems to have little impact on flower sales. We do put out orange roses, of course, but we get a lot of flowers from South Africa, such as proteas. Those obviously don’t come in orange, if they existed, we would have had them in our range anyway!”

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