Designing With 4 Categories of Alstroemeria

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One flower, four categories. Presenting the Alstroemeria in four ways for four different purposes and occasions. I started working with the wonderful flowers from Tesselaar Alstroemeria to show the four exclusive concepts they offer in different designs: Alstro Special, Alstro Lux, Alstro Elegance, and Alstro Nature.

What I like about these four categories is that the grower delivers the alstros tailor-made for the occasion I need it for, from daily use to pure exclusivity, yet always in perfect condition and opening stage. So, without further ado, these are my designs with all four concepts.

Tailor-Made Alstroemerias

In 2023 Tesselaar Alstroemeria introduced four categories that redefine the way we use Alstroemerias — no more settling for one-size-fits-all flowers that may or may not suit your needs. With this revolutionary new approach, you can even pre-order flowers at the right opening stage, that aligns perfectly with your vision. These are the four categories:


1. Alstro Special

This is pure exclusivity embodied in the form of an Alstroemeria. Picture an open, blooming beauty that’s tailor-made to enrich those special moments. For event work and wedding bouquets, among other occasions, it is important to use open flowers

This Alstroemeria, particularly special as its name suggests — Alstro Special — captures your attention with its intense orange color and its particularly large and powerful inflorescence. This special flower deserves to be highlighted in a special bouquet for someone equally special.


Alstro Special design Laura Drahici motorbike
Bouquet with Alstroemeria Cinnamon from the Alstro Special category


My design included — besides these wonderful flowers — reused wires and reused balls from a package of scented balls that had lost their aroma. We think about sustainability and put it into practice, just like the growers of these special flowers, Tesselaar Alstroemeria.

This bouquet made with Alstro Special lasted in the vase for two weeks, the flowers keeping their color and the petals their shape and beauty without even one petal falling off. So, as an inside information — to make the experiment even more interesting — I didn’t change the water in the vase on any day. What do you think of this quality of flowers? I find it amazing!


Alstro Special design Laura Drahici zoom
Bouquet with Alstroemeria Cinnamon from the Alstro Special category


2. Alstro Lux

For a symbol of timeless luxury, opt for Alstro Lux. These alstroemerias exude a strong and high-quality presence that spells absolute perfection. Pure refined alstroemerias, perfect for the most prestigious moments. A symbol of timeless luxury, with a strong and high-quality presence. Absolute perfection. You cannot imagine the beauty of this kind of Alstroemeria.

From the moment I opened the box, Alstro Lux caught my eye with its intense purple color, spiked with a splash of white. I immediately thought about whom such a luxurious flower would suit and I decided that I would create a fan bouquet with these wonderful flowers for a fashion designer that I admire and who exudes the same delicacy as these flowers.

I also created a bouquet to give to a lady on her birthday; a bouquet with several types of flowers — among which these from the Alstro Lux concept — fit wonderfully and brought out the beauty of the other flowers and the colors used all the more.

Whether it is used in a daily arrangement, or whether it is used in a bouquet for a more special outfit, Alstro Lux exudes finesse and luxury.

3. Alstro Elegance

Need an Alstroemeria that fits every occasion? Look no further. Alstro Elegance is always accessible and elegant, offering optimal refinement every time. Alstroemerias for a touch of authenticity in every bouquet. Perfect for daily use, always accessible and elegant, for optimal refinement.

Pink and light pink, the flowers from the Alstro Elegance concept smiled at me from the box when it arrived at my workshop. It attracted me like a magnet and it was asking to be put in a design for a nice young woman who was waiting for flowers from her boyfriend. Or for a suave young lady dressed in assorted colors.

I created from this new and wonderful concept of Alstroemeria a bouquet to offer on a romantic date. I also created a bouquet combined with a decorative part made of recycled wire, over which I poured melted wax from an old candle. Sustainability is important to us and also to the Alstroemeria growers at Tesselaar Alstroemeria. We like to support the planet through our efforts and we encourage you to join us in this effort.

And because I love to create jewelry from natural flowers, I created a fascinator in which I put flowers from Alstro Elegance. Not only for the sake of art but also to test them. The result was spectacular. The Alstro Elegance flowers were well hydrated beforehand for a week and resisted in the full phase of their flowering without additional water. A result that says a lot for a natural flower, a sign of its extraordinary quality!

4. Alstro Nature

If you are looking for Alstroemerias that are perfect for daily use, with a natural and spirited appearance, Alstro Nature is your go-to choice. Standard, high-quality Alstroemerias for every occasion. Quality that fits every event, with a natural and spirited appearance.

Alstro Nature is a concept by Tesselaar Alstroemeria that fits perfectly into nature, in shades of red and cherry. But it is equally suitable for the interior. I created a bouquet of several kinds of flowers, the main flower being from the Alstro Nature concept. In order to integrate perfectly into nature, I added a few sprigs of curly willow to the bouquet.

The bouquet created this way is very versatile, suitable to be offered by a young man in love to his girlfriend, in the middle of nature. It is also suitable for a more elegant outfit, with which it matches chromatically, as well as for putting it inside and enjoying the beauty and naturalness of fresh flowers.

The bouquet was created while the flowers from the Alstro Nature box were still unbloomed, two days before they were actually needed. On the day of the shooting — as if knowing that it would be in the spotlight — these Alstroemerias bloomed so beautifully that we fell in love with this flower.

Look at this new category of Alstroemeria — Alstro Nature — and enjoy the robustness of a flower that looks so delicate, but is also so strong.

1 Product, 4 Concepts

I hope you enjoy my four designs with the four categories by Tesselaar Alstroemeria. It’s really about what you need your flowers for. I would suggest you contact this forward grower for further information on which concept you need to perfect your occasion.


Alstro Lux by Laura Draghici unboxing


Read more about the 4 tailor-made concepts by Tesselaar in this article on Thursd.


Floral designer and model: Laura Draghici Emc / Chic Fleuriste, Makeup: Ioana Mateescu, Photo: Lenscapades, Dresses: Alexandra Catrangiu, Models: Alexandra Moraru (Special, Elegance, Nature), Alexandra Catrangiu (Lux), Flavius Zafiris (multiple world, European, and national karate champion!) (Lux, Elegance), Ericka Constantin (Elegance), Alexandra Constantin (Elegance, Nature), Gabriel Caproni from Unique Models Agency (Nature), Styling support: Veronica Constantinescu/ Ideea Concept, Special thanks to Flori Holland Romania.


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