Designer Spotlight – Amanda Rodgers Shares Her Love for Garden Roses

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Unbeknownst to most people, this month Amanda Rodgers makes a part of Alexandra Farms’ Designer Spotlight, happy to share more about her life story, trajectory in the flower industry, and most importantly, her love for garden roses in floral design and how she uses these to transform her creations. Tune in to learn about this very talented Atlanta-based floral designer.

Amanda Rodgers Shares More About Her Life Story and How She Discovered Her Love for Flowers

To kick off this spotlight featuring Amanda, people are always curious to know more about the floral designer. Please tell the world about yourself, how/when your floral career started, and how you started your own floral business.

Amanda her earlier years as a French-trained pastry chef, where she spent most of her career within the food industry, finally settling on teaching the culinary arts. Nowadays owner of her own floral business ‘Bouquet Atlanta’, she recalls always having loved growing flowers but spending little time making arrangements.


Amanda Rodgers


Several years ago, when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and dementia, at the time, Amanda was her primary caregiver. As she tells her story to the world, one day she bought a bunch of flowers from the farmer’s market, came home, and started arranging them. The next thing you know, she was buying more flowers for the coming week, which she ‘tried harder arranging. It became a loving cycle for flowers. 

Amanda shares:

“I started buying any and all floral books and began enrolling in lots of online floral education. I approached floral arranging as puzzles and began to ask myself how I could mix so many different colors, shapes, sizes, and textures to become cohesive and pleasing to the eye.  Looking back, flowers became a path for me to traverse through the pain and grief of my mother’s suffering.”

The Arrangement That Marked a Before and After in Her Floral Career and Design Style

Several months after starting her floral journey, Amanda created an arrangement, and it just felt right, like a lightning bolt where she felt:

“This is what I am meant to do. The next day, I formed my LLC and the rest is history!”

A couple of years ago, the designer found my dream house, a 19th-century farmhouse with a tiny barn and several cleared acres of land. Before she even moved in, Amanda started tilling the ground to create the first garden bed. Her first fall at the farm, she remembers planting dozens of ornamental shrubs, perennials, peonies, thousands of daffodils, and hundreds of bearded iris and starting an heirloom rose garden. Today, she and her team are currently growing year-round, producing flowers from March till frost in late October, and growing mostly annual crops of flowers including ranunculus, anemones, poppies, campanula, orlaya, Agrostemma, lisianthus, cosmos, and dahlias.


Wedding bouquet by Bouquet Atlanta
Wedding bouquet by Bouquet Atlanta using Alexandra Farms’ varieties: Rose Miyabi Brown, Rose Sahara Sensation, and Rose Leonora 


She thinks of herself as a ‘Florist Farmer’, first and foremost a floral designer who has a flower farm to enhance her designs. Bouquet Atlanta’s style is a teeming romantic garden party with an edge and Amanda loves incorporating unexpected ingredients in their designs. Her work stands out in luxury weddings and corporate branding events, especially with the use of one of the most loved types of roses— garden roses.


Design by Amanda Rodgers using Rose Keira by Alexandra Farms
A colorful and varied floral design by Amanda using Rose Keira by Alexandra Farms amongst other beautiful flowers


Using Garden Roses to Enhance Her Floral Designs

Throughout your designs, Rodgers has used some of the most gorgeous garden rose varieties by Alexandra Farms. She shares more about a few of her favorites, why these roses are unique, and what makes them stand out in her floral compositions.


“Alexandra Farms’ roses are my favorite to design with for several reasons:  first, they are gorgeous in a range of colors and sizes, they open fully and have a long vase life for a garden rose and lastly they perform well out of water for foam-free designs. My current favorite Alexandra Farms roses for my designs is Wabara Rose Miyabi. I love the graduation of color.”

With this said, Amanda also shares her favorite garden roses for weddings now that 2024 has commenced the wedding season in full spectrum.

“My favorite wedding roses are Rose Tsugmugi, a perfect blush rose with hundreds of petals, Rose Purity (Ausoblige) for its dainty full blushy cup form and the spray rose, and Rose Wedding Rosever, a beautiful blush with multiple rose heads per stem that open fully.”


Rose arch by Bouquet Atlanta using Rose
Design using Rose Tsugmugi, Rose Wedding Rosever Spr, and Rose Purity (Ausoblige)


Design with Rose Myabi brown Rose Leonora and Rose Wedding Rosever
Tablescape by Bouquet Atlanta showing Rose Miyabi Brown, Rose Leonora, and Rose Wedding Rosever Spr


Mixing and Matching With Garden Roses in Floral Compositions by Amanda Rodgers 

Many may be wondering what garden roses are the easiest to combine and use in flower designs, and Amanda is here to give you tips on which ones by Alexandra Farms she loves to mix and match.


“Just recently, I spent two weeks at Accent Decor creating florals for their beautiful vessels. I ordered the new Rose Princess Holly’s Hope for my designs and fell in love! It is a gorgeous cream rose with a peach center that harmoniously blends with both demure wedding palettes and more live color stories.”


Arrangement using Rose Princess Hollys Hope
Design with Rose Princess Holly’s Hope


Bouquet Atlanta floral arrangement
Another floral arrangement option using Rose Princess Holly’s Hope


Working With Garden Roses by Alexandra Farms

During the talk with Amanda, she also came to share what makes these types of roses so special to work with in her opinion, and here’s what she had to say:

“On my flower farm, I grow a variety of heirloom roses. The beauty of a garden-grown rose is almost unmatched. Most of my roses only bloom for a couple of weeks a year. Alexandra Farm’s roses are beautiful like garden-grown roses but are consistently available year-round, and as a plus, they have a divine scent as well.”


Rose staircase by Amanda Rodgers


The use of garden roses in arrangements
The use of garden roses such as Rose Keira in flower arrangements


And last but not least, why choose garden roses for floral designs? Amanda recommends this specific type of rose when designing because they add a unique shape, size, and visual aspect with their opening while being an abiding choice, offering easy beauty and luxury to any arrangement. The range of colors, shapes, and sizes available, make them a very versatile ingredient in many different styles. All of the new rose varieties introduced each year keep designs fresh and innovative.


Garden rose arch by Amanda Rodgers


To see more of her work, make sure to visit Amanda’s Instagram account.

Photos by @bouquetatlanta

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