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On Saturday, June 22nd, a city in Ecuador, known for its magic and kilometers of some of the world’s most amazing flower farms debuted its annual ‘Desfile de las Rosas’. Do you know what city it could be? The magnificent city of Cayambe transformed into a show filled with colorful flowers, music, dance, and Ecuadorian traditions to celebrate its 30th edition. Keep reading to know everything that went down during this spectacular show.

‘Desfile de las Rosas’ Made Cayambe and its Flowers Shine Bright

This much-anticipated parade, organized by the Nucleo de Floricultores de Cayambe, is one of many cornerstone events of the San Pedro and Inti Raymi (Sun Festival) celebrations. This year, Agrivaldani and Mystic Flowers (among many other flower businesses) made a part of this event to show the world what the Ecuadorian flower industry is all about and the power it holds by having a day of union, colorful flowers everywhere, and many people sharing their love for the industry.


Agrivaldani greeted visitors in ‘Desfile de las Rosas’, with an allegorical car showing their flowers (roses, summer flowers, among others)
Photo courtesy of Agrivaldani


Mystic Flowers allegorical car

Mystic Flowers’ allegorical car participating in el ‘Desfile de las Rosas’ this year


This annual show is more than just a traditional parade. For flower farm owners and flower lovers in Ecuador altogether, it’s a celebration of Cayambe’s rich cultural heritage and a demonstration of its incredibly successful, yet important floral industry not only for the country but for the rest of the world as well. The ‘Desfile de las Rosas’ has become a vital component of the local economy, featuring the remarkable production and export of a diverse range of flowers to destinations around the globe.


Part of the Agrivaldani team at Cayambe

Part of the Agrivaldani team at Cayambe, feeling joyful to share this special moment with the floriculture sector

Photo: Agrivaldani


A Fundamental Event for the Local Economy

Because this parade year after year demonstrates its importance for the country’s local economy, it shares a few crucial objectives as to why it’s organized and executed.


Desfile de las Rosas held in Cayambe
Photo: @expoflores


To start, the parade provides a platform for the canton to display its cultural expressions through dance, music, and floral art. At the same time, the ‘Desfile de las Rosas’ aims to attract tourists to the canton and the province, boosting local tourism. Through this event, the sector wants everyone who visits Ecuador, especially Cayambe, to see the beauty the city holds and why people love doing what they do for the floral industry. Finally, by involving local businesses and the community, the parade invigorates the local economy. It’s a fun and joyful event while flower farms continue to work to make Ecuadorian flowers stand out globally.


Floral celebration at Desfile de las Rosas
Photo: Mystic Flowers


Ecuadorian traditions at flower event in Cayambe
Photo: Mystic Flowers


The parade is open to participation from floricultural companies, service providers, product suppliers, and businesses related to floriculture. Each participating company presented a float adorned with stunning designs made of locally grown flowers, accompanied by a dance group and a band. The participants ranged from farm workers and post-harvest staff to administrative personnel and business owners.


Lots of colors and tradition at Cayambe
Photo: Agrivaldani


Neon colors and costumes for the celebration
Bright colors, many flowers, and costumes were part of the celebration


Traditions Filled With Joy, Love, and Plenty of Flowers

The floats were masterpieces in themselves, featuring flowers cultivated on local farms, especially roses, preserved flowers, dyed flowers, summer flowers (such as gypsophila, limonium, craspedias, and callas), greenery, and paramo flowers like pampas grass.


Allegorical car by Mystic Flowers and Colour Republic

Allegorical car by Mystic Flowers and Colour Republic

Photo: Mystic Flowers


The event was a three-hour show of walking and dancing through the city center, creating a lively connection with the residents of Cayambe and visitors who traveled to witness this grand display. Participants were very proud to be a part of this show, contributing to the floral magnificence and community spirit. Their involvement not only highlighted their beautiful flowers but also underscored their dedication to supporting local traditions and economic growth.

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