Creating the logistics of tomorrow together with Michiel

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With the campaign ‘Moving forward together’ Royal FloraHolland use personal stories to show which steps theyare taking together towards a sustainable and future-proof Royal FloraHolland platform. These stories revolve around ‘simplified dealmaking’, ‘smart business’ and, in this case, ‘customised logistics’.

Logistics connects the entire chain. As the linchpin in that chain, the company see opportunities to organise logistics in a smarter and more customer-orientated way, together with other logistics service providers and linked to Floriday. Royal FloraHolland are building a logistics network and offer comprehensive logistics services to suit your needs and processes. Whichever way you purchase your products, the logistics are tailored to your needs.

“It is important that we all realize that the world is becoming increasingly digital ” – Michiel, Royal FloraHolland
Logistics development specialist at Royal FloraHolland, Michiel Holtman: “Direct trade, day trade, is increasing. To continue providing reliable and predictable logistics, we need to act on (digital) developments. Behind the scenes, we are working in collaboration with buyers and growers to optimize the logistics process.”

“I see the future of the floriculture sector positively,” Michiel continues. “I think we are taking the right steps with the establishment of new logistics and the arrival of Floriday.” Wondering what benefits this will bring to you as a member, grower and/or buyer? Check out Michiel’s story:

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