Crafting Beauty With Nature

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Hello, I’m Slava Rosca, and I’ve had the unique pleasure of working with lilygrass in my flower school with my students, an experience that was a joy once again. For the past few months, I’ve been crafting frames with lilygrass woven into intricate designs, and today, I want to share a bit about these beauties with you and the inspiration behind my work.

OrcaGreen With Its Huge Assortment 

My adventure with OrcaGreen and their stunning lilygrass went beyond my dreams for my students. They created the most astonishing frames for bouquets, but also decorative installations for windows, or any event.

This versatile and durable material immediately catches your eye. Its rich green hue and flexible nature made it perfect for weaving, and when everyone realized its potential to create something truly unique, it all became masterpieces. Working with Adomex, known for its high-quality floral products, provided me with the ideal resources to experiment and innovate.


A Window With Lily Grass


Weaving and Crafting

Creating frames with lilygrass is both a challenging and rewarding process. Each frame starts with a simple concept, often inspired by the natural patterns and forms found in nature. I carefully select the lilygrass, ensuring each piece is healthy and strong. The weaving process requires patience and precision, as the grass needs to be intertwined delicately to form a cohesive and beautiful structure. It’s a meditative practice, one that allows me to connect deeply with the material and the artistry.


Close Up Bouquet Lily Grass and Phalaenopsis
Lily Grass in the Picture With Slava Rosca


One of the most fulfilling aspects of this work is seeing how these frames can transform a space. Whether used as a centerpiece, a wall hanging, or part of a larger floral arrangement, the lilygrass frames bring a touch of nature’s elegance indoors. and outdoors. They serve as a reminder of the beauty and tranquility found in the natural world, something we often overlook in our busy lives.


Bouquet With a Finishing Touch of Lily Grass
Vase With a Frame of Lily Grass


Working with OrcaGreen from Adomex has not only highlighted the skills of my students as a floral artist but also deepened my appreciation for sustainable and natural materials. I am excited to continue exploring new designs and techniques, always aiming to bring a piece of nature’s artistry into our everyday lives. Thank you for joining me on this road, and I look forward to sharing more of my creations with you.


Lily Grass in Bouquet Weaving Technique Slava Rosca

Slava Rosca With Bouquet Lily Grass

Lily Grass in Circles Installation Flower School Slava Rosca

Flower Installation School Slava Rosca With Lily Grass

Slava Rosca With Frame Design Lily Grass For His School


Warm regards,

Slava Rosca

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