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“As the challenges in our industry evolve, the support from our partners has become more vital than ever. With a 21% increase in people seeking personal support from Perennial and a 27% rise in the use of our online tools, we deeply appreciate the creative and dedicated fundraising efforts that have already made a significant impact this year,” states the Perennial team.

They add: “Perennial thanks go out to the Garden Centre Association (GCA) for raising over £8,000 at their conference in January. This event not only raised a generous contribution but also helped spread the word that Perennial’s support is available to all staff working in garden centres and nurseries.

Provender Nurseries also deserve a big thank you for their remarkable contribution. By contributing 10% of their February 29th sales, they raised more than £1,600, showcasing the substantial impact that just one day’s efforts can have.”

A special recognition goes to Rob Goddard from Crowders Nursery, who tackled three 10k runs for Perennial. Reflecting on his initiative, Rob shared, “I feel life is about giving back and looking out for those less fortunate.” His dedication to training and raising funds highlights his commitment to supporting our industry.

The team at Kingston Landscape Group have shown incredible dedication, with each member walking 38 miles over the course of May. This collective goal not only strengthens team bonds but also shows that when we work together, we can achieve great things.

On a creative front, STIHL have kickstarted their year of fundraising for Perennial in a unique way. By auctioning two wood chainsaw sculptures by Simon O’Rourke at their new HQ opening event, they raised an impressive £6,000 for Perennial. This was a distinctive initiative that highlighted their products, using a rare talent and resource for the greater good.

These inspiring examples show that whether your team is into running, cycling, crafting, or hosting a great event, there’s room for everyone in our fundraising efforts. It’s not about how far you go or how much you raise – it’s about coming together as a community to make a difference.


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