Consumers informed about the effects of flowers

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Starting from the end of May, consumers in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom will be informed about the effects of flowers. The Flower Effect campaign will be carried out differently in each of these countries. The kickoff took place in the Netherlands, during the Libelle and Margriet Summer Week.

All four countries have the same objective: making consumers aware of the effects that flowers have on their own well-being, both physically and mentally. Scientific research indicates that flowers can evoke feelings of joy, passion, and tranquility.

Collaboration with Dutch magazines Libelle and Margriet
Thousands of consumers – mainly women – attended the Libelle and Margriet Summer Week in Vijfhuizen (the Netherlands), where 70,000 visitors were expected. Flower Council Holland, in collaboration with florist Florian Seyd of The Wunderkammer, organized multiple flower workshops. At the end of the Summer Week’s opening weekend, Flower Council Holland concluded that the workshops were successful as they were constantly ‘sold out’.

Self-care and social media
In Germany, the campaign focuses on ‘self-care’. ‘Gönn dir blumen’ is the message that’s spread through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, aiming to reach Millennials and Gen-Z in particular. These generations pay a lot of attention to ‘self-care’. The consumer platform also offers extensive information about the effects of flowers.

Consumer research
In France, under the name of ‘Flora Feel’, scientist cooperate to investigate the effect that flowers have on personal well-being. For this purpose, all participants, including a group of influencers, receive fresh flowers. Over the course of a week, they regularly report on their mental and physical condition. The results of this study will be shared with various media to gain media attention for the Flower Effect. The participating influencers will also create content and post it on their social media channels.

National Florist Day
In the United Kingdom, June 8th is National Florist Day. The day is seized by the Flower Council to create awareness of the Flower Effect. A variety of online and offline publications will discuss the relationship between flowers and taking care of one’s own well-being, each from a different perspective. Florists and influencers will speak, and a psychologist will be interviewed about self-care and the role flowers can contribute to it.

Source: Flower Council Holland

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