Compact, multispectral camera imaging tool for plant researchers introduced

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RAYN Growing Systems introduces the Vision Camera System (RVS). The RVS is a compact, multispectral camera imaging tool for plant researchers. Designed for use with Rayn’s open source Vision software or third party developer tools, the Vision Camera takes multispectral images for studying plant behavior.

Rayn’s patented Vision System uses the approach of photographing multiple monochromatic images in a dark environment while lighting the plants with different colored LEDs. The Camera captures the reflection of surfaces and creates multi-spectral image cubes. According ot Rayn, these cubes contain more information than the human eye can see and can be used to analyze plant material non-destructively.

“Unlike large, expensive stationary traditional multispectral cameras that require plants or plant materials be moved to them, the Rayn Vision System is compact, can be mounted in growing spaces directly, and allows the choice of pre-scheduled stand-alone operation with local data card storage or full wireless integration with your lab system.”

Market and Product Manager Jarred Joffe commented, “We’re very proud of this RAYN Growing Systems innovation. RAYN Vision System offers scientists a compact, multispectral camera for plant research, at a fraction of the complexity and cost of other multispectral or hyperspectral cameras. Our platform friendly approach allows users to extract useful data from RAYN’s open-source Vision software, or to easily integrate the camera with third-party developer tools.”

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