Common Mistakes Brides Make with Their Wedding Flowers

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Choosing a bridal bouquet to hold down the aisle is an enjoyable and exciting experience for couples getting married. However, it’s easy to make a few blunders in the process. Not only may choosing certain flowers add significantly to your costs, but they can also make a bouquet heavier to handle for hours on end. In addition, when your wedding day arrives, you may make even more blunders that leave those lovely bouquets looking less than their finest.

Because we don’t want your bridal or bridesmaid bouquet aspirations to fade, here are some common blunders and how to guarantee your flowers thrive throughout your wedding day.


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Looking For Specific Flowers Only

Love Peonies? Unfortunately, the popular flower only appears in the spring. Specialty flowers typically have a brief window of availability. Even if your wedding is within that time window, your florist can’t guarantee they’ll be able to acquire certain flowers. We are all aware that the weather has been quite unpredictable in recent years, which has had a direct influence on flower supply. 

Talk to your florist about flowers you truly despise so they can avoid them, and then provide a few recommendations of flowers you do enjoy and why you like them so they can do their best to source them or find something similar that won’t disappoint you.

Expecting Your Bouquet To Look Exactly Like An Inspiration Photo

We strongly believe that looking at genuine wedding images and seeing different bouquets may help you create your own. However, florists advise against focusing on a specific design. Many brides find an image they adore online and are determined to have that precise bouquet. 

The difficult thing is that no designer can make the same bouquet twice. There may be one extraordinary stem that grew with a unique curvature that can’t be found again—things like these are quite important in bouquet creation. So it’s difficult when a bride wants something quite precise.

When couples discuss size, color, and overall style with their florist, they are most likely to love their arrangement. Pull three to five photographs of bouquets you like and let the florist create and build something that marries the variations.

Assuming Seasonal Flowers Will Be Cheaper

While picking seasonal flowers may make it easier for your floral designer to find certain blooms, it does not necessarily imply it will reduce the amount of money you spend. If you are on a limited budget and searching for methods to save money on flowers, make sure to convey your demands clearly to the florist. 

Simply requesting ‘seasonal’ does not mean ‘budget friendly.’ Depending on conditions beyond your florists’ control, in-season dahlias can cost as much as in-season peonies. A skilled florist will educate and assist you in making careful design selections that are tailored to your specific requirements.


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Not Considering Your Wedding Gown and Accessories

While you want to ensure that your dress is perfect, you should also examine if the size and design of your bouquet complement your accessories and attire. The silhouette of your wedding gown is an important component in deciding what type of bouquet would best complement your style. 

The most common wedding gown forms include A-line, column, slip, trumpet, ball gown, and mermaid. The ideal bouquet will delicately reflect the form of the dress, flattering your body and complementing rather than detracting from your gown.

Some florists will ask to see what dress and wedding jewelry, including lab rings, you will be wearing on your big day to best create a flower bouquet that compliments both.

Designing A Flower Bouquet with No Movement

Want your bouquet to look its best? Make sure you have enough space for the blossoms to display their petals. When working with a florist to design a bouquet, make sure it has movement. The flower design should never appear forced or excessively regimented. Allow the blooms to fully shine with their natural movement.

Holding Your Bouquet Incorrectly

Once you’ve chosen your lovely bouquet to walk down the aisle, you’ll want to present it in the best possible light. Some brides frequently hold their bouquets the wrong way. 

The bouquet should be carried at the belly button, slightly inclined forward. This guarantees that the entire bouquet can be seen.  Also, always ask the florist which side is facing the front to ensure you’re holding it in the correct position.


Lovely Flower arrangement
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Not Hydrating Your Wedding Bouquet

Unless you’re carrying a bouquet of dried blossoms and foliage, you’ll want to keep the blooms fresh and alive. Often, the florists will send a bouquet a few hours before the wedding in a vase of water to keep the blossoms hydrated. 

If you intend to take photographs with your bouquet before the ceremony, make sure to promptly return the flowers to water after you are finished. After all, there’s nothing worse than discovering your freshly picked flower has turned into a wilted salad.

Repurposing the Bouquet

Reusing blossoms in various aspects of your wedding is a current ecological and cost-effective trend. For example, a floral arch can frame your love table.  This trend should not apply to your bouquet. We know they’re stunning, so you ought to use them as often as possible, right? 

Bouquets are meant to be held, and they look best when viewed in that manner. They look bad when put in a vase and used as a centerpiece. Designers approach centerpieces and flowers quite differently.

Hydration is also a concern in this scenario. By the time the reception begins, those flowers will have been out of water for many hours. They were held and photographed before the wedding, kept out of water throughout the ceremony, and then kept out of water during cocktail hour, while you took more photos with your spouse and family members. By that point, your bouquet flowers aren’t looking their best, and having them sit up close and center on a guest table where everyone can see them isn’t the best option.

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